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Why B2B Wholesale Distributors Should Adopt Online Ordering

Rianna Greenfield
Thursday, April 4, 2019
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A common response we get from suppliers is that their old way of doing things works well for them and they’re in no hurry to modernize their ordering platform. This response is unsurprising and is a result of the fear of the unknown taking priority over the benefits of making a change.

Change is perceived as risky, and business owners like to avoid risk. When it comes to offering your customers a best in class mobile and online ordering solution, the risk of sticking with the status quo is incredibly high:

  • Customer inactivity or loss of customers to competitors
  • Inability to acquire new customers
  • Process inefficiencies and loss in employee productivity (or employee churn)
  • Ordering errors and poor customer experience

As we've previously discusse, 69% of buyers are already using online ordering and 57% of buyers not yet ordering online are interested in doing so. Furthermore, 40% of buyers want to order using a mobile application. Are you willing to risk these buyers’ business by not offering them an online and mobile ordering solution?

Not only that, but the biggest players in the industry are way ahead of the game. Between 77% and 86% of Sysco, Gordon Food Services, Reinhart, and US Foods customers are already using online ordering. And these companies are aggressively looking to grow that number. Are you willing to risk new and existing business to the competition?