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Pie Chart breaking down the 34% women, 66% men gender diversity of BlueCart

Gender Diversity

Our numbers speak for themselves. We’ve always known that the best and brightest come from all backgrounds.

Cultural Diversity

Every day we prove that diversity helps groups make better decisions, be more innovative and more creatively solve problems.

Map highlighting the countries BlueCart staff are from

The Team


Alex Case
Bill Mallek
Daniel Lewis
Dave Lee
Frank Bocchino
Glenn Yamasaki
Konstantin Zvereff
Kris McKee
Masheed Ahadi
Paul Lang


Alvin Thompson
Bhavya Nunnaboyina
David Schechter
Manoj Bompada
Margie Joshi
Margie Joshi
Mauricio Gaviria
Mukta Joglekar
Naomi Schettini
Naveen Tammineni
Puja Bhatt
Ruben Roman
Ruita Ubale
Tavon Gatling
Tezcan Ergene


Chad Schilit
Constance Chung
Constance Chung
Kaye Yoon
Kelvin Liu


Christine Le
Connie Wu


Andreea Oneata
Anna Miller
Bill Potter
Caibra Goldstein
Cole Singleton
Emma Fuchsberg
George Chapman
Jay Johnson
Kale Tunnessen
Katherine Htwe
Montana Landegger
William Garcia


Andy Fay
Caileen Kehayas
Ryan Karolak

Your Chance To Shine

Find your next opportunity to shine with BlueCart. We're always on the hunt for the best and brightest minds in the world!

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