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Wholesale B2B eCommerce Myths Debunked

Rianna Greenfield
Friday, April 5, 2019
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Since ecommerce platforms are still relatively new to the B2B industry, there are a number of myths surrounding them. This is to be expected so let’s debunk some of the most common online ordering myths.

1. It’s a nice-to-have

Long-gone are the days when having a website and offering mobile and online ordering solution was just a novel idea or a possibility for multi-billion dollar businesses. In order to be successful in today’s wholesale food distribution environment, these are mandatory.

The fact that the biggest players in the industry have a head start, should only be more motivation to act fast. Suppliers who offer mobile and online ordering are seeing amazing results:

  • 53% noticed previously inactive customers returning to place online orders
  • 60% noticed customers placing larger orders than before
  • 73% reported customers placing orders more frequently
  • 76% reported customers discovering new products and/or categories

The numbers speak for themselves.

2. It’s expensive for your business

It’s true that an online and mobile ordering solution can cost you an arm and a leg – but that’s only if you decide to build one in-house, or buy an existing solution on the market.

The smart money is on partnering with a technology expert to “rent” or “subscribe” to a solution with a flat monthly fee. This route requires minimum upfront investment (both time and money) and as the quickest and highest return for your business.

Done right, online and mobile ordering will help you save time and reduce errors, while also increasing order frequency and size from your customers.

3. It is expensive for your customers

While some companies may charge your customers a nominal fee to use their platform, this isn’t the industry standard. Most providers allow your customers access to their mobile and online ordering system free of charge.

4. It’s complicated

Implementing an online and mobile ordering solution accomplishes the exact opposite for you and your customers - it helps you modernize and streamline your processes, as well as consolidate all your ordering and communication channels to minimize processes, paperwork, and errors. Digitizing the sales process makes everything easier for your customers and employees.

5. It takes time to implement

If you partner with the right company, going live with an online and mobile ordering solution can take as little as 2 weeks. That includes setting up your business, training your employees, digitizing your catalog, inviting your customers, and starting to receive orders.

It's easy to take these myths at face value, but doing so is a mistake. Take time to do your research, and find out why implementing a mobile and online ordering platform is right for you.