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The Impact of B2B eCommerce on SMB

Rianna Greenfield
Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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There is a revolution happening in the wholesale foodservice industry. Buyers are demanding access to mobile and online ordering solutions, and many of the industry’s leading distributors are more than happy to oblige.

Biggest opportunity in decades

Wholesale B2B eCommerce shouldn’t be seen as an annoyance and instead, it should be seen as one of the biggest opportunities to fall in your lap in decades. In fact, providing an end-to-end ordering experience across both web and mobile platforms is great for customers and for your business.

With a consolidated platform, you no longer have to manage orders, communications, and customer relationships across multiple channels. Not only are these modern technologies a great way to improve your internal processes, they are also a great way to lower costs, grow sales, and ultimately be a leaner and more profitable company. By deploying a modern field sales rep app, you make the sales processes more efficient and free up your sales reps to engage in higher value sales tasks.

In addition to these great benefits, B2B wholesale eCommerce solutions make your company more accessible to customers. Thanks to these platforms, you are now able to reach a much larger customer base without having to overextend your sales team.

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The truth about B2B eCommerce costs

We have spoken to a number of our small- and medium-sized clients about implementing mobile and online ordering. During these conversations, we learned that there is a huge misconception when it comes to the reason why companies of this size are hesitant to adopt wholesale B2B eCommerce solutions.

Small and medium-sized companies mistakenly believe that implementing mobile and online ordering platforms is too costly and resource intensive. Why is this?

  1. They are afraid of the costs to implement and maintain an eCommerce platform
  2. They are worried about having to upgrade technological infrastructure and train employees
  3. They don’t have the resources to hire a dedicated IT team to manage a new platform or solution

Fortunately, thanks to modern hospitality technology industry pioneers, small and medium-sized businesses can get just as much (if not more) value out of subscribing to a modern B2B eCommerce solution as compared to building their own.

Benefits of a SaaS solution

Here at BlueCart, we a offer modern B2B wholesale eCommerce solution on a SaaS (software as a service) business model. This means you get the same technology and service you would get with an in-house IT team, without incurring the same level of costs. You can now enjoy benefits such as ease of use, convenience, and overall streamlining and modernization of the ordering, sales, and fulfillment processes without breaking the bank.

Time and time again, BlueCart has proven to be a cost-effective solution for small- and medium-sized distribution companies. What’s more, our technology has never cheaper or easier to implement and maintain. This is great news for small business owners because it is becoming increasingly important to convey to customers that they can expect the same level of product selection, competitive pricing, customer service, and technology, as they would get by switching to one of your bigger competitors.

The clients we spoke to, echoed the same sentiments. Once they had done their research, considered their options, and decided to work with BlueCart, they agreed that:

  1. Implementing a B2B wholesale eCommerce solution is a lot cheaper than they originally thought. In fact, with most modern solutions having a SaaS business model, there are minimal upfront costs and no long-term contracts. Simply pay a monthly “subscription fee” for an all-in-one solution.
  1. Partnering with a hospitality technology provider and “renting” a SaaS solution was much more cost-effective (in terms of time, labor, and financial investment) than building an in-house solution or buying an existing solution. Overall, clients liked that they didn’t have to hire an in-house IT team, and that the on-boarding process was easy.

How will you ensure your business’ success in 2019?

For more insight into how BlueCart can help implement a modern B2B wholesale eCommerce solution that allows your small- to medium-sized business to give your customers all the bells and whistles of a much bigger company at a fraction of the cost, schedule your free demo now.

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