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The Importance of B2B eCommerce for SMB

Rianna Greenfield
Tuesday, April 16, 2019
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The B2B wholesale distribution industry is changing rapidly. Foodservice buyers, having experienced the convenience of online and mobile ordering in their personal lives, are placing their B2B orders online or using mobile applications. This means, B2B eCommerce platforms are no longer a “nice to have” for wholesale distribution businesses - in order to stay relevant in the minds (and pocketbooks) of your customers it is essential to adapt to their changing needs.

The fact of the matter is, your competitors are already offering these conveniences, and in order to compete and succeed, you must too.

Satisfying the modern B2B buyer

Long gone are the days of your customers haphazardly placing orders through phone calls and voicemails, text messages, emails, and even fax. Customers no longer have the desire or patience to wait on hold for a sales rep or a returned call in response to a voicemail message - after all, they are trying to give you business. While there is still a lot of value in in-person interaction and engagement with your customers, especially fpr growing business with new customers, most seasoned buyers would much rather skip the traditional ordering and communication channels in favor of a 24/7 mobile or online option.

The modern B2B buyer expects a unified channel between the buyer and supplier for ordering and communication. Not only that, buyers now expect to have more information and transparency at their fingertips. For example, questions such as, “are all items I want to order in stock?”, “was my order received?”, and “when will my order be delivered?” should and can be answered within a modern B2B eCommerce solution with just a couple of clicks.

Competitors see results

As we mentioned, your competitors are already offering mobile and online ordering to their customers, and they are seeing amazing results. Of those companies who have adopted a B2B eCommerce system:

  • 53% report that previously inactive customers have returned to place orders
  • 73% have seen a higher order frequency
  • 76% state that their customers are discovering new products and product categories.

Additionally,Additionally, these companies report that their sales reps are reaping the benefits of modern sales rep mobile apps, as well. In fact, these suppliers report:

  • 67% of reps are writing orders more quickly
  • 66% of reps have better access to customer profiles and product info while in the field
  • 42% of reps are able to develop more strategic relationships with customers

These statistics are striking and speak volumes for the financial benefit of mobile and online ordering.

Are you ready to grow your business with mobile and online ordering? To learn more about B2B eCommerce solutions, contact us or call (650) 242-9444 ext. 2.