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Increase B2B Sales with a Mobile Sales Rep App

Rianna Greenfield
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Do you think of your sales reps (as many wholesale distributors do) as the dreaded “order takers” or are your sales reps your in-field leaders, building relationships with your customers, and serving as your front-line consultants, educating and advising your customers on purchasing decisions?

Many distributors and sales leaders are mistakenly afraid of B2B eCommerce because they think it will replace their sales reps. Fact of the matter is, nothing can replace sales reps because the wholesale food distribution industry is built on the foundation of in-person relationships, and that value will never change. What eCommerce and mobile apps for sales reps can do, however, is arm your sales reps with the tools and the knowledge to build those in-personal relationships more efficiently and more effectively.

Best-in-Class Features

Sales reps apps are designed to work in tandem with your reps, not against them, especially while they are in the field. What are some of the most critical features your sales rep app should have?

  • Digital Catalogs: one of the biggest pain points for sales reps is not having access to current catalogs with up-to-date product and pricing information while in the field. With digital catalogs, your sales reps can easily search for SKUs, educate customers on new products or product lines, and they are more likely to upsell to higher priced items.

  • CRM Software: great customer service begins with an informed sales rep. Mobile CRM systems put your customer management database in the palm of your sales reps’ hands, giving them instant access to business information (key contacts, shipping preferences) and order histories. When using a mobile sales rep app, your team will no longer have to worry about visiting a site blindly and can give every customer the personal touch and attention they deserve.

  • Mobile Order Writing: the days of your sales reps taking orders by hand while in the field and waiting to manually enter them upon returning to the office are long gone. Mobile sales rep apps make field visits more productive because they allow reps to write orders from their cell phone or tablet, and instantly receive low or out-of-stock notifications.

Improve Sales Rep Efficiency

Without the assistance of a mobile eCommerce ordering solution, the average sales rep only spends around 34% of their time actually working with customers and selling. You are doing your business a favor when you arm your sales rep with the tools they need to work more efficiently, provide better customer service, and grow revenue by increasing sales. The benefits of adopting a sales rep app are tenfold:

  • 67% of reps say they can write orders more quickly
  • 42% of reps are able to form strategic partnerships with customers
  • 39% of reps are able to reduce operations costs by eliminating error-prone data entry

For more insight into how you can empower your sales reps and grow your business, check out our eBook: Wholesale B2B eCommerce: Mobile Apps.