Best Meal Prep Services In the U.S. | 2024 Edition

Lauren Platero
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    The best meal prep services deliver a sense of convenience to consumers that’s hard to turn down. After long and busy days, there’s nothing like a freshly cooked meal that takes little to no effort. After all, that’s a level of product differentiation that many brands are striving to achieve. 

    In this article, we’ll take a look at how customers can bring a tiny sliver of the restaurant industry to their own kitchen. With the help of a subscription business delivering recipes and accompanying ingredients regularly, cooking has never been easier. So, we’ll review several of the best meal prep brands that offer a cross between meat, seafood, and produce subscription boxes. Let’s begin!

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    7 Best Meal Prep Services In 2024

    If you stumbled across this blog post, you’re probably researching the best meal prep services in the U.S. If so, you’re in luck!The following companies offer some of the best meals for meal prep enthusiasts. Take a look:

    1. Factor 75

    As the #1 meal prep service with meals that are ready for consumption, Factor 75 is one of the meal prep companies that focus on the nutritional needs of its customer base. Each dish is carefully designed to achieve balanced macronutrients. 

    It’s also worth noting that meals from Factor 75 are never frozen. So, every single customer can feel confident that they’re only eating the freshest ingredients. In addition to dozens of freshly made meals, Factor 75 also offers a massive selection of add-ons. These items include things like snacks, smoothies, and so much more.

    2. Green Chef

    It’s never been easier to commit to a clean diet than when you subscribe to Green Chef. The brand’s commitment to offering healthy and nutritious meals that encourage full-body health is evident in every recipe. Despite it being such a convenient meal subscription box, there won’t be nasty fillers and processed ingredients the way there is across fast food menus. 

    In fact, Green Chef has become the best meal prep service for healthy lifestyles. Subscribers can feel certain that there will be organic protein sources and fresh produce in every single box. Then, step-by-step cooking instructions will teach you exactly how to prepare a spectacular meal right from a home kitchen.

    3. Dinnerly 

    If you’re shopping for the best prices, DInnerly might right for you. At just $4.99 per person, Dinnerly makes it possible to consume convenient and delicious meals without breaking the bank. Plus, their meals completely exclude the need to mix, slice, and chop ingredients. Therefore, it’s a super simple solution for mealtime. 

    Dinnerly offers far more than standard entree food, too. From breakfast to dessert menu items, people can purchase every meal of the day. There’s even a section of their catalog geared toward families with picky eaters. So, every meal can be enjoyable for everyone.

    4. HelloFresh

    Arguably the most recognizable meal prep service in the game, HelloFresh is the nation’s #1 meal kit for good reasons. For one, they source wholesale seafood and meat products from the best suppliers. They believe in the importance of high-quality protein, which is an endeavor that they commit to.

    Consumers don’t have to commit to an ongoing subscription with HelloFresh, either. Instead, subscribers can cancel their plan at any time. Combine this with some of the most affordable prices in the meal kit industry, and it’s no wonder that the brand is a fan favorite.

    It’s also worth noting that HelloFresh proudly holds the most five-star customer reviews among the best meal prep delivery service providers. That says a lot–especially considering that there are several options on the market. And, they just keep rolling in!

    5. Home Chef 

    Starting at just $7.99 per serving, Home Chef makes it easy for consumers to bring the restaurant dining experience to their own homes. From meal kits where all the ingredients must be assembled to dishes that come ready to place in the oven, Home Chef offers a wide selection of options depending on your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. 

    One of the most favorable features of Home Chef is that every ingredient for each meal is pre-measured and packaged. That takes the guesswork out of seasoning and preparing each part of the final product. Plus, it saves the consumer a significant amount of time that it would take to measure spices and other ingredients. They seriously make it easy to be a chef in the comfort of your own home!

    6. Marley Spoon

    Serving some of Martha Stewart’s best recipes, Marley Spoon is one of the best meal prep services for those wanting to conveniently prepare delicious meals. Oh, and there are over one hundred recipes available on their menu every week. Sometimes, a major risk of opting for a meal prep service is that the dishes can get redundant. Luckily, that’s not the case with Marley Spoon whatsoever. 

    One value proposition that allows Marley Spoon to stand out as one of the best meal prep companies is that they have various situations in mind. For instance, you can receive the ingredients that a sous chef might use in an upscale restaurant for special occasions. Meanwhile, there are quick and easy recipes that take less than twenty minutes to prepare, which are clearly ideal for busy parents and working professionals. And let’s not forget about their customization and upgrade options! Marley Spoon truly offers the best in every category.

    7. Eat Clean 

    One of the many qualities that makes Eat Clean appealing is that various types of chefs prepare the meals. Therefore, you know that each and every recipe is thoughtfully crafted to the best of one’s ability. Plus, you know that a high level of expertise goes into the preparation of all dishes across the menu. 

    Depending on how many meals a subscriber purchases at a time, each course can be as little as $8.60. When you consider the cost of groceries, dining out, or ordering restaurant food delivery, that’s quite a steal. 

    And in addition to regular meals, Eat Clean also has options for paleo, keto, and plant-based diets. So, there’s no risk of straying away from your lifestyle or dietary restrictions with this meal prep service!

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    Qualities of the Best Meal Prep Companies

    The best meal prep services certainly differ from one another. However, there is a selection of qualities that they share in common. It’s these commonalities that set them apart from other meal kits on the market. The most preferable qualities of the best meal prep services include:

    • Well-balanced and healthy meals.
    • Free shipping on subscription boxes. 
    • A no-commitment subscription model.
    • A trial run before regular prices begin.
    • Rotating menu featuring classics and food trends.
    • Sustainable and recyclable packaging materials. 
    • Easy scheduling tools and fast delivery timelines.

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Meal Prep Services

    Choosing the best meal prep services to try out can be quite an overwhelming process. And as an entrepreneur, there’s quite a lot of inspiration to take from them. Want to learn more? Check out the following FAQ section for extra insight on the topic at hand:

    What Is the Best Meal Prep Company?

    The best meal prep companies include brands like HelloFresh, Factor 75, and Green Chef. However, there are others increasing in popularity, such as Dinnerly and Marley Spoon–and for good reasons!

    Is It Cheaper to Use a Meal Prep Service?

    Yes, depending on the kinds of meals you enjoy, opting for a meal prep service can be cost-effective. For one, all the ingredients you’ll need for each dish are part of the box. Then, many meal kit subscriptions offer frequent deals and promotions. 

    What Is the Cheapest Meal Prep Service?

    Dinnerly constantly ranks as one of the cheapest meal kits on the market. Starting at just $4.99 per course, eating tasty and nutritious meals isn’t cheaper anywhere else. Plus, the convenience factor is quite valuable, too.

    What Is the Healthiest Meal Prep Service?

    The healthiest meal prep service is probably Green Chef, although there are many nutritious options on the market. Green Chef recipes are free of processed ingredients and offer the consumer a balance of macronutrients.

    Are Meal Prep Businesses Profitable?

    Yes, after you learn how to start a meal prep business, you’ll find that they can be extremely profitable ventures. By sourcing exclusive private label meal prep ingredients, acquiring recyclable wholesale meal prep containers, and offering inexpensive meal prep shipping fees, you can quickly draw a massive customer base. 

    Just ensure that your meal prep business plan is thorough enough to establish a meaningful and purposeful entity. It might also be worth investing in technology, such as meal prep business software to monitor the success of your brand.

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    The Best Meal Prep Services for the Best Culinary Options 

    As you can see, each meal prep service provider offers something slightly different. However, one thing is for certain: with the right meal prep service, preparing meals will be a breeze!

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