Meal Prep Shipping: How to Ship Meal Prep Services

Lauren Platero
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    There are numerous meal prep shipping methods that can get your products from point A to point B. However, the best meal prep services leverage proper precautions to keep their products safe. From insulated wholesale packaging to speedy delivery for shipping frozen food, there are several ways to ensure the integrity of meal kits or “heat and eat” meals. Now, read on to discover everything you need to know about shipping the best meals for meal prep customers.

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    Best Meal Prep Shipping Options 

    Knowing how to ship meal prep subscription boxes is a must for delivering high-quality products. Meal prep companies that ship refrigerated vs. frozen meals will differ when it comes to shipping protocols. So, it’s important to consider all the meal prep shipping services and delivery options currently available. Take a look at a handful of options below.

    Refrigerated Trucks 

    Meal prep shipping options must revolve around cold chain logistics. In other words, it's vital that products remain in temperature-controlled environments. Luckily, there are many trucking services that have refrigerators, freezers, and other cooling systems. So, they're ideal for shipping products long distances. Even suppliers of wholesale seafood and meat products opt for trucks and trailers over other choices. 

    Ocean Freight 

    As the most popular method of shipping products across the world, sea freight services are a must for international shipping. However, products cannot reach their destination as quickly as domestic air freight or ground shipping. Not only can it take several days to travel across the ocean, but it takes time for packages to go through customs. In fact, that's why so many meal prep services only ship within the United States. But if they do ship internationally, ships can cater to cold chain logistics for large volumes of packages. After all, wholesale seafood vendors need to have reliable seafood shipping methods available after capturing bulk fish.

    Air Freight

    Certain planes have sections aboard that are temperature-controlled for perishables. This meal prep shipping method is ideal in situations where companies are sending out a ton of packages in bulk. It's also useful for speedily shipping meal kits nationwide. Cargo services of any kind can be some of the most expensive meal prep shipping options. So, be mindful of these costs when mapping out domestic shipping protocols. 

    Last-Mile Delivery

    Once a package is out for delivery, it will reach a last-mile delivery solution. In route planning, this refers to a van or small vehicle that transports packages to their final destination. For perishables, there are temperature-controlled protocols in place. That way, the safety and integrity of the food items remain in excellent condition. 

    Intermodal Transportation

    Sometimes, meal prep companies will have to use a mix of the transportation methods above. For instance, there might be ground shipping with last-mile delivery during the final leg of the journey. Meanwhile, other high demand products might require land and sea transportation. While it might seem like a lot of traveling, since it is, route optimization software can streamline the process.

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    Meal Prep Shipping Tools and Technology

    Did you know that there are meal prep business software solutions that can assist shipping protocols. From integrated route planning tools to on-truck technology, there are a lot of ways to improve each shipping method available. Learn about a handful of them, as well as traditional packing materials below!

    Delivery Route Planner

    Modern technology makes it easy to optimize delivery routes. The way it works is the merchant will have access to mapping features when shipping packages. From there, they'll be able to pick and choose which delivery routes the truck or van drivers take. But what if you discover a new route that might get a package to the consumer quicker while the driver is on the road? No problem! These tools allow you to make updates in real time.

    Insulated Shipping Containers

    When purchasing wholesale meal prep containers, make sure that they are insulated. Insulation materials help retain the package's temperature better than standard shipping boxes. So, even in the event that cooling systems should malfunction, the products will be alright. Then, you can store the packages around dry ice to keep the products fresh, while gel packs work the same on the inside. 

    Temperature Monitoring Tools

    When shipping perishables that must stay cold, there are tools that will monitor the temperatures of packing materials. These tools are used as precautionary measures. That way, if cooling solutions should ever malfunction, you’ll know in advance if perishable goods are at risk of heat exposure and spoiling. This is a must when transporting goods through moderate and warm climates, mainly because food spoilage leads to major expenses.

    Specialty  Packaging 

    In addition to traditional insulated boxes and refrigeration, there are extra precautions that meal prep companies can take. For example, some trucking services offer thermal blankets and pallet covers. These add-ons result in an extra layer of insulation when in transit. Some shipping services might also offer advanced solutions. A popular option is phase-changing materials, which uses energy to protect products from nearby temperatures.

    Real-Time GPS Tracking Software

    GPS tracking features kind of go hand in hand with route planning software. It’s insightful for companies to track shipments in real time, especially when a package is out for delivery. That way, you’ll be able to monitor the location of packages while they’re being kept chilled or frozen.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Meal Prep Shipping

    Meal prep services that ship are just as innovative as they are lucrative. If you’d like to learn more about this type of business, check out the questions and answers below!

    How Much Does Meal Prep Shipping Cost?

    Meal prep shipping can cost the customer anywhere from $5 to $12. This figure will typically depend on the weight of the package, where the shipping address is located, and how many meals the customer orders.

    Which Meal Prep Shipping Method Is Best?

    Overnight shipping that abides by cold chain logistics is probably the best meal prep shipping method. Once an order is processed, the delivery occurs within a day or so after. Not only does fast delivery timelines protect the perishables, but it boosts customer satisfaction, too.

    Do Meal Prep Services Offer Free Shipping?

    Yes, many meal prep shipping services offer free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount. Or, some will only offer complimentary shipping on the first order of a recurring subscription. It all depends on what the meal prep provider can offer.

    How Fast Does Meal Prep Shipping Take?

    Meal prep shipping might only take a couple of days. Depending on when a meal prep company creates new menus, it might take upward of a week or so for an order to process. Once it does and the package ships, it might only take a few days at most for the customer to receive it.

    What Does Cold Chain Logistics Mean?

    Cold chain logistics refers to the process of storing and transporting cold or frozen products. Therefore, it entails the systems in place when shipping refrigerated or frozen perishables, such as meal kits.

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    Shipping Packages From One Kitchen to Another

    Maybe you’re diving into the topic of how to start a meal prep business. Or, perhaps you’re weighing the differences in costs between white and private label meal prep services. No matter where you are in the journey, your preferred shipping methods should be detailed in your meal prep business plan. Now that you’re familiar with several options, you can begin drafting an actionable plan.

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