Coffee Suppliers in Los Angeles and the Coffee Culture in CА

Nick Mirev
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    The busy lifestyle in California is one of the reasons why Angelenos love coffee. There are multiple coffee shops that offer a range of classical and seasonal coffee drinks. Other areas in California are also popular centers of coffee culture. San Francisco is probably the most notable example. As it is known for its technology and innovation sectors, residents of San Francisco often use caffeine beverages as a way to get energy and improve their mental focus. In this article, we’ll share some of the popular local roasters and coffee suppliers in Los Angeles and talk more about the coffee culture in the city and the Golden State. If you’re interested in the coffee sector, check out our articles on the best coffee roasters in the US and technologies in the coffee industry.

    Key takeaway: The coffee culture in Los Angeles is focused on sustainable coffee products and diverse coffee cultures. Coffee shops, roasters, and coffee suppliers in Los Angeles and California aim to provide an exquisite coffee experience to their customers. Besides Los Angeles, San Francisco is also a city with strong coffee traditions and an evolving coffee culture.
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    Coffee Culture in Los Angeles and California

    Los Angeles is known primarily for Hollywood and its vibrant cultural mosaic. In that atmosphere, drinking coffee is not just a morning ritual and energy booster, but also a part of the lifestyle. Although coffee was known in LA in the second half of the 19th century, its popularity rose significantly in the 20th century. That’s when the first coffee roasters and shops opened their doors. Coffee truly became popular after World War II.

    Nowadays, coffee consumption is more about experience than ever before. Coffee enjoyers like to experiment with different coffee blends and single-origin specialty coffee from different corners of the world. Sustainable coffee is also one of the major trends in the sector. Consumers look for coffee that has been grown and harvested in an eco-friendly way and follows fair trade practices. Plant-based milk like almond, rice, soy, or coconut milk is also an increasingly popular coffee trend.

    The hot Californian climate has led to increased consumption of cold coffee beverages. Drinks like cold brew coffee, iced latte, and iced cappuccino are among the most popular options in Los Angeles coffee shops.

    In addition to the multiple coffee shops and coffee suppliers in Los Angeles, there are other areas in California that play a role in the coffee industry. For example, San Francisco is known for its coffee culture.

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    Popular Roasters and Coffee Suppliers in Los Angeles

    There are hundreds of coffee shops, roasters, and other coffee-related businesses in Los Angeles. Naturally, we can’t pay attention to all of them. Below we’ve included some of the popular coffee suppliers in Los Angeles. Some of them operate cafes, others are primarily focused on eCommerce sales of coffee products. 

    City Bean Roasters

    As a small, independent, and family-owned business, City Bean Roasters focuses on sustainability and eco-friendliness in their coffee products. Although their main focus is D2C sales of coffee, tea, brewing equipment, and drinkware, City Bean Roasters also offers bulk products at wholesale prices. Their wholesale programs include services like staff training and workshops, equipment sales and maintenance, and technical services. 

    Tectonic Coffee

    The Tectonic Coffee Company is among the most reputable coffee suppliers in Los Angeles. They have won multiple awards and accolades for their coffee blends and single-origin products. In addition to wholesale coffee distribution, Tectonic Coffee offers a wide array of services like equipment sales, technical support, consultations for new businesses, and barista and roasting training.


    Laidrey Coffee Roasters partners with specialty-grade coffee farms from all over the world. The business prides itself on the extensive usage of sustainably grown coffee products. For retail customers, they offer various coffee blends, single-origin coffee, and subscription options. As a coffee wholesale distributor, they provide various services like menu development and cupping classes. 

    Compelling Coffee

    In addition to offering products from the coffee niche market, Compelling Coffee offers white-label coffee and tea services. This gives starting businesses the opportunity to sell high-quality products with their own brand. This is an increasingly popular strategy in the field of coffee marketing. They also help businesses in the coffee sector with training, consultations, equipment maintenance, and sales of coffee shop inventory

    Dune Coffee Roasters

    Their wholesale program includes not only coffee products at wholesale prices but also training, equipment procurement, consulting, and other services. The team at Dune Coffee Roasters is focused on sustainability and building lasting relationships with the coffee-harvesting communities they work with.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee Suppliers in Los Angeles

    The SaaS solutions of BlueCart are among the preferred options for coffee wholesalers. Whether you’re one of the premium coffee suppliers in Los Angeles or located in another part of the country, our software is the right choice for you. The BlueCart team also assists entrepreneurs looking for information and advice in the various aspects of the business world. You can find multiple articles related to coffee on our website.

    What Other Cities Are Popular for Their Coffee Culture?

    Seattle is known as the world center for coffee roasting and is considered to be the city in the US where coffee is most popular. There are multiple coffee shops located in the city and various coffee-related businesses operate there. Companies from all over the country often search for roasters and coffee distributors in Seattle that deliver to their area. Seattle is not the only other city where coffee is very popular. San Francisco and Portland are examples of such areas as well. There are multiple importers and coffee supplies in New York as well. As coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the US, coffee culture is deeply rooted in the American way of life.

    How to Choose a Coffee Supplier in Los Angeles?

    There are various factors to consider when choosing a coffee supplier in Los Angeles. Undoubtedly, the price of their products is among the major ones. Here are some other important aspects.

    • Variety of products. Business owners prefer to work with suppliers of wholesale coffee beans that also offer other goods as well. Therefore, distributors with a wide range of products are likely to attract more business clients.
    • Flexibility. Coffee suppliers in Los Angeles should be flexible with their products and services. Companies often choose to partner with wholesalers who are more reliable and can go the extra mile to offer excellent customer service.
    • Services offered. Most coffee distributors also provide different services like training, equipment maintenance, and workshops.

    Is Starting a Coffee Shop in Los Angeles Profitable?

    Yes. People in Los Angeles love drinking coffee. That’s why starting a coffee shop or another coffee-related business in the area can be a profitable endeavor. Keep in mind that location plays a crucial role in this business. When opening a coffee shop, finding the right location for it is the first and most important step in the process. Alternatively, you can start the business online first. Starting an eCommerce website that sells different blends and specialty coffee can be later scaled to a roasting or cafe business. One of the pros of the coffee industry is that scaling is easy – you can start new coffee shops, include sweets and food products in your menu, and grow your business in the tea and beverage industries.

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