Dropshipping Jobs: Ideas for Dropshipping Jobs Online

Joshua Weatherwax
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    So, you’re looking into how to start a dropshipping business. You may have checked out our free drop shipping for dummies guide, or picked up some of the best dropshipping books, eCommerce books, or taken some dropshipping courses.

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    But, a majority of this content approaches dropshipping as a solo venture or as a side business. So, can dropshipping be a full-time job? The dropshipping profit margin certainly points to a business with massive growth potential and there are things that automated dropshipping tools can't handle.

    Read on to learn how you can make dropshipping your main source of income and the types of jobs available.

    Dropshipping Jobs: Can Dropshipping Be A Full Time Job?

    Yes, dropshipping can definitely be a full time job! However, if you're the business owner, you likely won't be pursuing dropshipping full-time at first. You'll have to find dropshipping vendors, create a dropshipping website, and more. Focusing on sustainable growth is key if you're looking to turn your new dropshipping business into a career.

    On the plus side, one of the biggest benefits of a dropshipping business is how easy it is to scale. Instead of waiting years to reach the point where you can quit any existing job, dropshipping businesses can grow very quickly. As you grow your business and increase eCommerce sales, using dropshipping as your primary income source is entirely possible and appealing. Focus on building a good website, having open communication with your customers, and selling high demand products, and you'll be there in no time.

    Even better, you can use an eCommerce software like BlueCart eCommerce to get your storefront launched and sell online in no time. It's an all-in-one platform that is perfect for dropshippers. We take care of store design, eCommerce payment processing, and more, so you can focus on selling. Even better, all BlueCart customers also get listed in our wholesale marketplace where their products can reach 92,000+ buyers in the U.S.

    Dropship Job Description

    Though many dropshipping businesses are comprised of one to three team members, dropshipping job postings appear online fairly regularly. Though the owner or dropshipping specialist role are the most common, there are a few other roles within some dropshipping businesses. These include virtual assistants, customer service for dropshipping representatives, and others. Many of these roles have overlapping responsibilities. If you use the cross docking method, you'll also want to look into hiring staff to help unload and sort the best dropshipping products you sell. Just make sure to include the roles you'll be filling in your drop shipping business plan.

    Here are the most common responsibilities for a dropshipping job:

    Website Management

    Even the best dropshipping websites need regular updating and management. All dropshipping employees are expected to keep an eye on the website and make changes or alert the team if there's an issue. As new product offerings are procured from suppliers, these will also have to be listed on the site for sale. Some dropshipping jobs will expect you to know how to properly create these product pages with SEO for eCommerce product pages in mind.

    If you use BlueCart for your digital storefront, you won't have to worry about eCommerce SEO. Our platform is built using SEO best practices to give you the best exposure possible, so you can start ranking in searches on day one.

    Customer Service

    One of the most important aspects of a dropshipping business is customer satisfaction. For years, some dropshippers were flooding the market with poor customer service and low-quality products. This is one of the biggest dropshipping beginner mistakes and hurt many consumers and led them to ask "is dropshipping dead?" and "is dropshipping legal"? This means it is vital for every member of a dropshipping team to be able to field customer issues and communicate with them in a professional and supportive way. Customer interactions can make or break a dropshipping business, so you need to put customers first if you're going to thrive.

    Deal With Returns and Payment Issues

    Dropshipping orders are usually shipped with a packing slip and RMA for returns. These documents may only have the suppliers' information on them. However, while dropshippers never touch or own the products they sell, customers will still expect them to help with any issues that arise. Helping coordinate returns and exchanges between the customer and the supplier will go a long way to building customer trust and avoiding making your business look bad. Since dropshipping teams are small, any member of the team may be expected to help. You may need to issue a net 30 invoice or assist a customer with an ACH payment or eCheck payment. Put the customer first and do your best to ensure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

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    Dropshipping Virtual Assistant Jobs

    The first role that many dropshipping companies look to fill is that of a virtual assistant. Since dropshipping teams are often limited to very few members, an assistant may be hired to help with a range of duties. These assistant roles are remote (AKA virtual) and focused mainly on helping cover areas that the business owner doesn't have time or capacity for. This can include customer service, database entry, personal errands, or even eCommerce marketing, dropshipping ads, and affiliate marketing vs dropshipping management.

    Since the job requirements for dropshipping virtual assistants are so varied, so is their pay. The average pay for a virtual assistant in the U.S. is $19.11 per hour. When hiring virtual assistants from outside the U.S., this pay may be as low as $3-$10 per hour. If you perform reverse dropshipping, it's likely that your virtual assistant will be hired out of the country you sell in, as this can help you better understand the needs and culture of your customers.

    Dropshipping Customer Service Representative

    One of the most important jobs in any dropshipping business that serves any dropshipping niches is the dropshipping customer service representative. Since dropshippers don't actually handle the products they sell, assisting customers with their orders can be difficult. Hiring a dedicated member of staff to field customer issues and help facilitate returns or exchanges is very valuable. These customer service reps will also be expected to understand how to use the eCommerce software and tools the dropshipping business uses as well as interacting with customers quickly and accurately.

    Like dropshipping virtual assistants, dropshipping customer service representatives are expected to perform a variety of tasks and are paid based on the amount of work required of them. Full-time, U.S.-based dropshipping customer services representatives make an average of $36,000 per year. However, customer service representatives from outside the U.S. may be paid as low as $2-$8 per hour.

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    You're Hired!

    Growing a dropshipping business can be difficult, especially alone. It may even lead you to ask "is dropshipping worth it?" But, with the right dropshipping business ideas, combination of products, marketing, and staff you can turn it into a full-time career and thriving company.

    For more info on how to make money dropshipping, take a look at some of the comprehensive posts we have on dropshipping. We cover topics like what is drop shipping, how to dropship, how dropshipping works, and even drop surfing.

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