The Lupins Wholesale Industry: Beans, Flowers, and Seeds

Nick Mirev
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    The history of lupin beans dates back to ancient Egypt. They were an important source of protein in ancient times. Lupin beans are rich in protein and are a great meat alternative. Lupin is also called lupine or lupini. The two main applications of this plant are as a food source and as an ornamental plant. Additionally, business owners and farmers also find suppliers and purchase seeds from lupins wholesale and plant them on their land. They are a great option for nitrogen fixation of the soil. This increases its fertility and helps the growth of other crops. This article on lupine products is part of our series on wholesale legumes. Check out our blog posts on soybeans wholesale and lentils wholesale.

    Applications of Lupini

    Food Manufacturing and Consumption

    Various businesses purchase lupins wholesale and manufacture food products. Pickled lupin beans and lupin flour are among the most popular food products sold in grocery stores. However, there are other products like pasta and snack food made of lupin beans. Businesses that make these products usually partner with suppliers as this gives them the chance to benefit from wholesale prices. Distributors also offer the convenience of delivering other products like wholesale grains and taking care of the shipping and handling.

    Use in Agriculture

    Farmers might purchase lupins wholesale as it can improve the quality of the soil. Crop and flower suppliers often sell lupin seeds to farms and companies in the agricultural sector. Lupins wholesale are also bought by ranches and stockgrowers. They plant them and use lupine as forage or green manure for other crops.

    Usage in the Flower Industry

    Bluebonnets are a type of lupine that is popular in the flower industry. In fact, the state flower of Texas is a type of lupine - the Texas bluebonnet. The lupinus genus contains around 200 species. They come in different colors and sizes. Suppliers of wholesale flowers offer both lupine seeds and blooms.

    Key takeaway: Lupin beans and products made of them are very nutritious. They are rich in proteins and dietary fiber which makes them a great ingredient for diet-oriented dishes. The majority of the lupins wholesale market is associated with stockfeed. In the next decades, lupin beans are expected to become more popular in the West.
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    The Lupini Market

    Even though the plant has been known for millennia, the lupini market is fairly small compared to wholesale beans or wholesale peas. About 85% of the production comes from Australia. 4% of lupini beans are used for human consumption and the rest is used for stock feed. Therefore, the majority of the lupins wholesale market is dominated by animal farming and livestock companies.

    As lupin beans have been very popular since ancient days, their benefits have been well-known for centuries. However, their popularity has started to increase in recent years. In fact, they are considered to be a food that is extremely nutritious and healthy. That being said, it’s expected that more and more businesses will start buying lupins wholesale and using them for cooking or food manufacturing. With a growing number of people looking for sustainable vegetarian options and gluten-free products, it’s safe to say that the demand for lupine products will increase.

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    Businesses That Buy Lupins Wholesale


    Snack food and pasta manufacturers might purchase wholesale chickpeas, soybeans, and lupin beans and use them for their products. Manufacturers of sweets and snack food might purchase lupin flour and carob wholesale and produce quality vegan desserts.

    As the majority of lupin production is used for stockfeed, it is no wonder that manufacturers of animal feed might also purchase it in large quantities. The fact that this legume is very rich in protein makes it a great alternative to other crops.

    Manufacturers of supplements might also purchase bulk lupin beans and produce lupine protein in powdered form.

    Livestock Farms

    The primary use of this legume is as a crop for stockfeed. Therefore, farms are among the important clients for suppliers of lupins wholesale. As the supply of lupine is lower, it is generally a more expensive alternative to other protein sources like corn or soybeans. That being said, it can increase the cost of goods sold.

    Food Service Businesses

    When used in cooking, lupin beans are mostly associated with Italian food. Therefore, they can be bought in bulk by Italian restaurants or other food service establishments that aim to offer sustainable and healthy dishes. The high protein and dietary fiber content of lupin beans also makes them suitable for restaurants that focus on vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Lupins Wholesale

    Lupin beans are fairly uncommon in the West. However, they play an important role in Italian cuisine and are used extensively as food for livestock. Sales of lupins wholesale are expected to in the next few years as people learn of their health benefits. The fact that lupini flour is rich in protein and can be a gluten-free alternative to other flour types is yet another reason for their future success. That being said, you probably know fairly little about the lupins wholesale market. We’ve got you covered. Below we have given answers to some of the common questions regarding lupini.

    What Products Are Made from Lupin Beans?

    As they have been known for millennia, lupin beans are sold in many different forms by suppliers of lupin wholesale. Let’s dive a little deeper into the main lupin products on the market.

    1. Pickled lupini beans. They are most often sold by retailers or eCommerce stores that offer specialized products like different types of grains or legumes for restaurants.
    2. Lupin flour. It’s used in a variety of recipes. Being rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, this flour is excellent for people with various dietary restrictions. That makes it increasingly popular in the restaurant industry.
    3. Lupini pasta. It’s a healthier option than the classical Italian dish. It’s made of lupin flour mixed with other ingredients such as semolina.
    4. Lupini flakes. They can be used as cereal or as an alternative to rice in different dishes. 
    5. Lupini dip. Similar to hummus, lupini dips can be used as spreads.

    What Are Some Popular Recipes with Lupin Beans?

    Lupini were extensively used during the days of the Roman Empire. That’s why it is no wonder that the majority of recipes with them are Mediterranean. Their popularity as a source of protein and dietary fiber has led to their inclusion in various diets as well. So most new recipes with lupin beans are either vegetarian or diet-oriented. Here are a few.

    1. Lupini flour pancakes
    2. Keto pizza with lupini flour
    3. Lupini flakes curry
    4. Chocolate chip cookies with lupini flour
    5. Spicy lupini beans with chili powder.

    Are Lupin Beans Healthy?

    Lupin beans are considered by many to be a superfood. They are nutritious and healthy. One of their main benefits is that they are rich in proteins. That’s why, in recent years, their popularity as a meat alternative has increased. It’s important to keep in mind that lupin beans need to be prepared and cooked properly in order to reduce their bitterness and alkaloids. Otherwise, there’s a risk of poisoning. The increased popularity of this ingredient has led to experimentation with breeding them. That has resulted in sweet lupins - a variety of this superfood that still has all the benefits but is low in alkaloids.

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