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Wholesale B2B eCommerce

Mobile Apps for Wholesale Food Field Sales Reps

Written by
Rianna Greenfield

We can’t discuss native mobile apps for wholesale B2B eCommerce without detailing how your sales reps can benefit from this technology. With a comprehensive mobile app equipped with best-in-class CRM capabilities, sales reps can:

  • Write orders more easily while in the field
  • Create custom order guides, catalogs, and pricing
  • Use CRM to increase sales and improve relationships
  • Reliably connect with customers via in-app messaging, eliminating phone tag and cross-platform communication

Write Orders More Easily

For your sales reps, writing orders while in the field can be a tedious and drawn out process. It likely involves hauling a heavy and outdated catalog to trade shows or a customer’s place of business, along with a printed paper order guide that was created in Microsoft Excel. After a successful meeting with the customer, your sales rep must return to the office and manually input the handwritten order into your company’s system. Then begins the back-and-forth with the client regarding out of stock products, alternatives, and updated pricing, and can even lead to ordering mistakes.

With access to a field sales rep app, your reps can enter the customer’s order directly into their phone while on site, and receive real-time updates regarding pricing, availability, and product alternatives.

Customize the Sales Experience

A tried and true sales tactic is to give your customers custom catalogs and order guides, as well as exclusive deals  to increase order size and nurture customer loyalty. However, doing so is difficult and time consuming in the absence of a digital catalog system for product management.

The best eCommerce mobile apps, like BlueCart, allow sales reps to easily create custom order guides for clients, set exclusive pricing (and volume discounts), and send special promotional deals, all with just a few taps of their thumb. Personalizing the sales experience makes every customer feel special and leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase Sales and Optimize Processes with CRM 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms do more than just act as a database to store your buyers’ information. CRM platforms are powerful tools that help your reps automate administrative tasks, meet their sales quotas, and build stronger, more valuable relationships with their customers. 

According to a report by Salesforce, the average sales rep only spends 34% of their time actually selling to customers. The remaining 66% of their time is wasted on administrative tasks such as manually entering orders, researching inventory levels and pricing information, and unnecessary back-and-forth. Using a CRM platform allows your reps to streamline, automate, and digitize their administrative tasks, so they can spend more time prospecting, nurturing leads, and building valuable relationships with current buyers.

Not only do mobile sales reps apps aid in lead generation and buyer management, but they can reduce your business’s operating costs and improve overall performance. With a CRM solution, your sales reps can prioritize leads that are more likely to transact and monitor customer activity to identify which buyers are at risk of leaving you for a competitor.

B2B mobile apps are meant to work in conjunction with your sales reps, not replace them, and are a critical part of launching a successful mobile eCommerce strategy.

How will you ensure your business’ success in 2019?

For more insight into how BlueCart can help implement a  modern B2B wholesale eCommerce solution allows your business to give your customers all the bells and whistles of a much bigger company at a fraction of the cost, schedule your free demo now.

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