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Optimize Your Sales with a Wholesale Online Ordering System

Rianna Greenfield
Friday, March 29, 2019
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The case for implementing mobile and online ordering is a slam dunk. There is strong demand from customers and a clear cut business impact in terms of customer engagement, increase in order size, and increase in order frequency. (For more insight into how foodservice buyers are changing the wholesale distribution industry, click here.)

With that being said, many companies fear online ordering will make their sales reps redundant. This fear, however, is completely misplaced. In fact, the results show the exact opposite; 86% of sales team either grow larger or stay the same after implementing a mobile and online ordering system.

With mobile and online ordering automating routine tasks previously performed by sales reps (constantly refreshing emails and monitoring text messages), suppliers can reorient sales reps to more profitable activities such as customer acquisition, growing business with existing customers, product education, merchandising and marketing, and more.

Modern tools such as a B2B eCommerce platform and a sales rep mobile app unlocks the true potential of your sales team in many more ways, such as:

  • 67% of reps report writing orders more quickly
  • 66% of reps report having better access to information in the field
  • 42% of reps report being able to ship orders faster than before
  • 42% of reps report being better strategic partners to their customers
  • 39% of reps report reduction in costs by eliminating manual data entry, and reduced order errors

As you can see, mobile and online ordering platforms not only improve sales rep efficiency, but they can save money, increase profits, and lead to higher customer satisfaction. What other benefits can you see when it comes to implementing a B2B eCommerce system?

Sources: 2018 Manufacturing & Distribution Sales and Technology Survey Report