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The 2018 BlueCart Seafood Hospitality Report

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Table of Contents

What is the BlueCart Hospitality Report?

The BlueCart 2018 Seafood Hospitality Report is here!

If you downloaded our 2017 BlueCart Report, you are likely familiar with the valuable data it offers. Once again, we anonymously derived this data from purchasing activities completed on the our platform throughout the United States over the last year. The primary focus of this report will be the BlueCart proprietary data, which reveals key trends, risks, and opportunities generated by our customers.

What's special about Seafood and Hospitality?

This year, instead of releasing the whole report at once, we are putting together vertical-specific reports. Since seafood continues to be a booming industry, expected to hit a global value of $155.3 billion by the year 2023, we decided to start with our seafood findings!

This one-of-a kind report gives important insights into the what, when, and why of purchasing patterns between restaurants and suppliers. Look inside to uncover the biggest purchasing trends of the Hospitality Industry in 2018, starting with seafood.

In this year's seafood report:

The top ten most-purchased seafood items over the past year

Insights into the seasonal nature of seafood purchasing

How seafood purchasing on BlueCart's platform compares to global purchasing habits

...& much more!