Top Hard Seltzer Distributors and How to Become One

Gracie Tidwell
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    Walk into any liquor or grocery store, and you’re sure to see hard seltzers as an option. These gluten free beverages are one of the biggest beverage trends in recent years. Their popularity and pop-culture appeal have made the hard seltzer beverage industry boom.

    If you’re looking to capitalize on the popularity of hard seltzer trends, you may be considering becoming a hard seltzer distributor. In order to successfully enter the market, it’s important to understand the top hard seltzer distributors and what sets them apart. 

    Figuring out how to run a wholesale distribution business can be confusing, especially in a competitive market. Learn about the hard seltzer market and the top hard seltzer distributors to help you get started. 

    Market Overview   

    In recent years, the hard seltzer market has grown rapidly. The hard seltzer market is valued at $13.47 billion in the US. Hard seltzers are popular for many reasons. One of the reasons is the rising popularity of healthy options shown through food trends and beverage trends.

    Hard seltzers typically have low sugar, low calories, and low carbs. They also offer a low ABV of between 4-8% compared to the average wine alcohol content of 12%. Many consumers seek out lower alcohol content in their drinks, putting hard seltzers in a good position. 

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    Role of Hard Seltzer Distributors

    Hard seltzer distributors are a vital part of alcohol distribution in the hard seltzer industry. They serve many functions that keep the industry running. 

    Hard seltzer distributors connect producers and retailers. As the market grows, the role of hard seltzer distributors is increasingly important. Distributors help facilitate market growth and expansion into new regions and markets. It’s important for distributors to be reliable and timely to ensure efficient operations. 

    Another function of hard seltzer distributors is to support retailers. Hard seltzer distributors do this by offering a wide range of products and flavors. Accurate market research and an understanding of consumer trends can help distributors support retailers and consumers. 

    Key Takeaway: As a hard seltzer distributor, you have an opportunity to enter a booming industry. Hard seltzer distributors are a necessary part of the hard seltzer supply chain.
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    Top Hard Seltzer Distributors

    When you think of the hard seltzer industry, a few main players come to mind. What makes these hard seltzer distributors more successful than the rest? Read their company profiles to find out. 

    1. White Claw

    The top hard seltzer distributor in the industry is White Claw. White Claw was one of the first hard seltzers to hit the market. This allowed them to capture a large market share and be at the forefront of the trends. 

    White Claw offers 28 flavors and 5 varieties of hard seltzer. They are keto and gluten-free, as well as boasting low sugar and no carbs. White Claws are between 70 and 100 calories. Consumers perceive White Claw as a healthier alternative to other alcoholic beverages on the market. 

    White Claw has around 50% of the hard seltzer market. They accomplished this by jumping quickly on trends. They also have a unique marketing strategy. White Claw appeals to a large demographic, and is a pop culture force. By combining wellness, health, and convenience, White Claw quickly became a fan favorite. 

    2. Truly

    The second biggest hard seltzer distributor on the market is Truly. White Claw and Truly make up 75% of the market together. Truly’s success comes from their innovative flavors and products. 

    Truly offers similar health attributes as White Claw and other hard seltzer brands. Truly is seen as a healthy alternative to other types of alcohol. They offer over 30 different flavors and a variety of specialty or seasonal varieties. 

    Truly uses distinct, colorful hard seltzer packaging and branding to set themselves apart. They also use promotional campaigns and celebrity endorsements. Recently, Truly issued a campaign with pop star Dua Lipa. The main demographic for Truly’s is currently women, but they are trying to expand to a larger market. 

    Truly’s product innovation has been the main key to their success. An example of this is their seasonal Holiday Party Packs, with unique and festive flavors. Having a wide variety of products allows Truly to take a lot of shelf space.

    3. Bud Light 

    The third biggest player in the hard seltzer market is Bud Light Seltzers. As the hard seltzer market has grown, the beer wholesale and retail market has taken a hit. This caused Bud Light to release a line of seltzers, which have taken off. 

    Bud Light seltzer’s success can be attributed largely to the popularity of the brand’s other products. They are seen as a very credible brand with a cult following. 

    Bud Light also uses a similar strategy to Truly. They offer a wide variety of flavors and are constantly rotating out seasonal and specialty flavors and products. They are also successful because they are able to capitalize on the niche market of beer drinkers who are looking for a new beverage.  

    Tips to Become a Hard Seltzer Distributor

    Business owners who are entering the hard seltzer distribution business have many opportunities to succeed. The popularity and size of the market can help you grow a successful distribution business. Here are some tips to help you succeed as a hard seltzer distributor. 

    Having a diverse range of products is a smart distributor marketing technique for hard seltzer distributors. Purchasers want to have many options to help them target specific consumers. Having many different flavors and products can help set you apart from other hard seltzer distributors. Offering purchasers a digital catalog can be an effective way to advertise your products. 

    Another tip for distributing these high demand products is doing market research. Learn consumer trends in order to try and innovate product offerings. This research will help you understand how to add value as a distributor and stand apart from the competition. 

    Defining your target market is another important aspect of being a hard seltzer distributor. Whether you’re selling in a B2B wholesale marketplace or a brick and mortar warehouse, it’s vital to understand your consumers. This allows you to stock products that your target market is looking for, at the prices they can afford. 

    Logistics and infrastructure are another thing to work on when becoming a hard seltzer distributor. Make sure your business runs efficiently in order to gain a reputation as a reputable distributor. Shipping and handling should be reliable and timely. Warehouse space, transportation, and inventory management are all worth investing in. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Hard Seltzer Distributor

    The success of top hard seltzer brands and distributors leads many people to consider entering the industry. There are ample opportunities to become a successful hard seltzer distributor if you understand the market. 

    Top hard seltzer brands include White Claw, Truly, and Bud Light. All of these companies offer unique and innovative products and have perfected their marketing strategies. Below are a few frequently asked questions about the hard seltzer market and the top players in it. 

    How can I stand out as a hard seltzer distributor?

    Offering unique and innovative hard seltzer products at competitive prices can help you stand out as a hard seltzer distributor. Truly and Bud Light seltzers are great examples of innovation within the market. They frequently offer unique or seasonal products that give them an edge against the competition. 

    What challenges can I expect as a hard seltzer distributor?

    A hard seltzer distributor can expect to face challenges regarding inventory management, strong competition, and unpredictable trends, among others. Staying informed about market trends can help you to optimize your inventory and compete against top distributors.

    What are the top hard seltzer companies?

    The top hard seltzer distributors include White Claw, Truly, and Bud Light. These companies control a large share of the market. They have loyal consumers and strong branding that sets them apart from smaller brands. 

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