Types of Yogurt: Most Popular Ones, Uses, and How It’s Made

Nick Mirev
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    Being rich in protein, calcium, and other important nutrients, yogurt is among the high-demand products in grocery stores. There are multiple health benefits of yogurt as well. Business owners in the dairy farming industry also answer to the consumers' search for yogurt alternatives. That’s why you can find multiple types of yogurt that are made from plant-based milk like coconut, soy, almond, or cashew. In this article, we’ll share details about the popular types of yogurt and its uses. Make sure to check out our blog posts on wholesale yogurt and what is dairy.

    Key takeaway: Regular and Greek are the two most popular types of yogurt. In addition to them, retailers also sell drinkable, flavored, and vegan yogurt products. Yogurt is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make different desserts, bowls, and other tasty dishes.
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    Most Popular Types of Yogurt

    1. Regular yogurt. This is the most common variety on the market. There are different types of regular yogurt. Most of them differ by fat content. Regular yogurt has a well-recognized tart flavor. It’s white in color and can sometimes have lactoderm similar to milk skin on top.
    2. Greek yogurt. This is a thicker version of regular yogurt. It’s also one of the most popular types of yogurt. Greek yogurt is used by frozen yogurt businesses, the restaurant industry, and households all around the world. 
    3. Drinkable yogurt. If mixed with water, yogurt can become drinkable. Yogurt beverages can be both tasty and refreshing. The majority of options on the market are sweetened and have added tastes. There are also salty yogurt drinks. Ayran is a good example. It consists of regular yogurt, water (it can be sparkling water as well), and salt. 
    4. Flavored yogurt. Manufacturers buy wholesale ingredients and make flavored yogurts. Vanilla and strawberry are among the most popular ones. You can also find yogurt with added flavors of blueberries, peaches, and other fruits.
    5. Probiotic yogurt. This variety is great for gut health. The live bacteria help the digestive system. Furthermore, as bacteria in yogurt turn lactose into lactic acid, probiotic yogurts can help people with lactose intolerance reduce their symptoms.
    6. Vegan yogurt. Also known as dairy-free yogurt, this product is made of vegan milk such as coconut or soy milk. These types of yogurt have a distinct taste and can be used in various recipes like normal yogurt.
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    Uses of Yogurt

    As yogurt is easy to make and has multiple health benefits, it plays an important role in cooking. Let’s examine its main applications.

    1. As a standalone snack. Even though most types of yogurt can be mixed with berries or other products, it’s also consumed as a standalone snack. Its tart flavor is enjoyed by many.
    2. In cooking. Yogurt can be used in multiple ways in food preparation. The most popular recipes with yogurt are for desserts or breakfast food. However, it can be used in baking, salad dressings, dips, and other dishes. Some types of yogurt are also used to make beverages like smoothies.
    3. In skincare. The exfoliating properties of lactic acid are well-known. Combined with the moisturizing qualities of yogurt, it makes it a homemade skincare product. Its most common application is as a face mask.

    Yogurt Business Ideas

    There are multiple yogurt-related business ideas one can start. As it is very easy to make, you can also manufacture small quantities of yogurt from the comfort of your home. Let’s examine some yogurt business ideas.

    1. Yogurt shop. These establishments give people the opportunity to combine different types of yogurt with toppings. They are a beloved place for people of all ages.
    2. Frozen yogurt and ice cream booth. Naturally, such businesses will be more profitable in areas with high temperatures. The combination of sweetness and the refreshing sensation of frozen yogurt or ice cream can be a great business opportunity.
    3. Making and selling yogurt. Whether you have farm animals or need to find wholesale dairy distributors, you can make and sell homemade yogurt. Make sure to research the regulations in your state and area.
    4. Online store for dairy products. As eCommerce trade has increased significantly, there's merit in the idea of starting an online store for dairy products. Such businesses can sell a wide range of products. From popular yogurt brands to more exotic products like buffalo yogurt. Usually, they work with dairy farms or find suppliers of dairy products in order to benefit from their wholesale prices.

    Keep in mind that natural yogurt products have a fairly low shelf life, even if kept under optimal conditions. Freezing them is not recommended as that changes the texture of yogurt. So, if you decide to make yogurt for selling or for your household, it needs to be consumed quickly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about the Types of Yogurt

    The BlueCart team aims to help wholesalers and other entrepreneurs on their journey to make their businesses successful. That’s why you can find many useful articles on a variety of topics in our blog. Below we’ve gathered some commonly asked questions about yogurt.

    Which Types of Yogurt Are Healthiest?

    Greek non-fat yogurt is considered to be one of the healthiest types of yogurt on the market. It’s rich in protein and low in sugar and fat. There are also yogurt brands that have additional vitamins and minerals. Some people with digestive issues might find probiotic yogurt to be better for their health. That’s because these yogurts have live bacteria that help gut health and improve the digestive tract. The least healthy types of dairy products are the ones that have high sugar content.

    What Are Some Popular Recipes with Yogurt?

    Yogurt is primarily used for desserts and breakfast foods. Some of the most popular yogurt recipes are yogurt parfait, Greek yogurt cheesecake, and a yogurt breakfast bowl with nuts and whole-grain breakfast ingredients. In addition to breakfast and desserts, yogurt can also be used for dressings. Creamy yogurt dressings can add additional freshness to salads with seasonal vegetables. Yogurt is a very versatile ingredient. It can also be used to make beverages. Smoothies are the most popular drink in the US yogurt market. Yogurt is also used in marinade recipes and for dips.

    Can You Make Yogurt at Home?

    Yes. In fact, making yogurt at home is very easy. The only two ingredients you need are milk and starter cultures. Here are the three steps of making yogurt at home.

    1. Heat the milk at medium-low heat to no more than 210 degrees. After that, remove it from the heat source and allow it to cool to 110 degrees. 
    2. Add the starter. This can be yogurt from a previous batch that contains the live bacteria or a starter you’ve bought. Most plain types of yogurts on the market also contain live bacteria so you can use them as well. The amount of starter depends on how much milk you have. After you add it, simply stir and cover with a lid.
    3. Let the bacteria do their thing. In order for the bacteria to turn the lactose into lactic acid, the pot needs to be left in a warm place. That can be next to a radiator or in the oven at a very low heat (around 110 degrees). Covering it with blankets is also an option. After 8-10 hours, the yogurt should be ready. If you notice that it’s still not very solid, let the cultures “work” for a couple more hours.

    Nowadays, there are yogurt makers that make the process even simpler.

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