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eBook: The Importance of Wholesale B2B eCommerce for Small and Medium Businesses

Rianna Greenfield
Thursday, April 18, 2019
Table of Contents

As you know, the B2B wholesale distribution industry is undergoing a tremendous period of change. The shift from traditional and outdated sales methods to B2B eCommerce is one of the biggest opportunities to happen to the wholesale distribution industry in decades, and small and medium-sized businesses need to adapt in order to compete with industry leaders.

Did you know that the modern wholesale buyer not only demands access to mobile and online ordering platforms, they now expect their B2B suppliers to offer these systems? Even though there is such a big demand for B2B eCommerce solutions, there is still a lot of confusion from small- and medium-sized businesses surrounding implementation, maintenance of systems, and what kind of results they can expect to see after adopting mobile and online ordering.

Download our free eBook, Wholesale B2B eCommerce: for Small and Medium Sized Businesses, to learn how your distribution company can benefit from mobile and online ordering.