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Digital Catalogs Help Grow Wholesale Food Business

Rianna Greenfield
Wednesday, May 8, 2019
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Once a prospect visits your beautiful and modern website, reads your history of high-quality products, low prices, and superior white-glove customer service, they’re going to want to learn more about what your company offers.

Long-gone are the days of hiding your product catalog from prying eyes. Instead, it’s important to make every visit to your website count. Visitors land on your webpage because they have a problem and they believe you can solve it - why not give them all the information they need to believe that doing business with you is the right choice? eCommerce platforms make it incredibly easy to create eye-catching wholesale food digital catalogs with high-resolution product photos and in-depth product details.

Create Custom Experiences With Digital Catalogs

Modern buyers want to have a unique and personalized experience and are looking to develop more of a partnership with their supplier.

Digital catalog software is one of the most useful tools you can have at your disposal while trying to create personalized experiences for your customers. Luckily for you, the mobile eCommerce solutions you implement will have digital catalog software built-in as a best-in-class feature. With digital catalogs, you can:

  • Showcase products with colorful photos and in-depth product descriptions
  • Quickly update product descriptions, pricing, stock availability, and more
  • Create custom order guides and pricing for each customer
  • Promote sales and exclusive deals through push notifications, email, and on-page advertisements
  • Automatically suggest similar or related products to increase cart size
  • Provide recipe recommendations

Digital catalogs are quickly growing in popularity. 69% of B2B suppliers report that they are planning on eliminating paper catalogs from their sales toolbelt within the next 5 years. What’s more, 50% of B2B buyers want the improved personalization that can only come from custom catalogs and order guides.

Digital Catalogs Grow Revenue

Not only are digital catalogs useful for improving the customer experience, but they also have cost-saving benefits. By implementing a wholesale B2B eCommerce platform, your company can save money by reducing the amount of time spent on manual processes (like order taking, invoicing, and customer management), and eliminate costly and outdated business practices (like printing catalogs, marketing materials, and using multiple sales systems). SAP, a leading ERP company, estimates you can reduce costs by as much as 17% per order by using a B2B eCommerce system with digital catalogs.

Another way that digital catalogs help grow revenue is by increasing product line exposure. The typical wholesale food buyer doesn’t often stray from their usual order. This isn’t because they aren’t interested, rather they aren’t aware of what else you have to offer. By giving your customers full access to your company’s up-to-date catalog, you increase the likelihood of them searching for new items. Exposing your customers to different product lines can lead to larger orders, customer longevity, and can positively impact your company’s revenue growth.