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Back Office Automation Software for Wholesale Food Suppliers

Rianna Greenfield
Monday, May 20, 2019
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Do you have a team of people helping your company with back office processes - and if so, how would you like to make those processes more efficient so your team can spend their time on more productive tasks? Well, back office automation software is just the answer you’re looking for.

Back office automation software digitizes many time consuming (but necessary) operational tasks and improves employee workflow. Take a moment to think about all of the various systems your team uses for daily projects - CRM programs, order management, inventory, and accounting software.  And now, imagine how time-consuming it can be for your employees to manage their workload while having to navigate between so many different programs. By automating your back office, you are making it easier for your employees to work directly with customers, update inventory information, revise orders, ship products, and generate invoices and analytics reports.

B2B eCommerce isn’t just about purchasing, rather it covers everything from inventory management, to sales and fulfillment, and even after-sales activities such as customer service and accounting. Thanks to the modern eCommerce solutions’ ability to integrate with your current software and systems, you can eliminate manual data entry and achieve operational efficiencies across inventory, sales, fulfillment, accounting and more. Not only that, but you can also eliminate costly human error.   

Historically, back office automation was limited to a handful of large wholesale food distributors because the software was expensive and difficult to implement. However, the benefits of eCommerce automation have opened up to small and medium-sized companies in recent years because of advancements in cloud technology. Technology companies, like BlueCart, have developed cost-effective and accessible mobile and online ordering platforms with back-office automation capabilities that allow SMBs to streamline business processes and reduce operating costs.

As the cliche goes, time is money, and not having an eCommerce platform with back office automation capabilities is costing your company invaluable time and resources.