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Foodservice Wholesale B2B Ecommerce Software

Rianna Greenfield
Monday, March 25, 2019
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There’s a sea change happening in the wholesale food ordering industry, and buyers are the driving force behind it. A growing number of buyers are switching from manual and error-prone ways of placing orders, to using B2B eCommerce. In fact, the numbers are quite startling:

  • 69% of buyers are already ordering online using a computer
  • 57% of buyers not yet ordering online are interested in doing so
  • 40% of buyers want to order using a mobile application

While there are many reasons for this trend, four particularly stand out:

  • 50% believe online and mobile orders are more accurate
  • 47% prefer the convenience and ability to order whenever, from wherever
  • 44% appreciate the speed of ordering - they can log in, place an order, and move on
  • 29% like digital catalogs with easy access to up-to-date products and pricing

Buyers have such a strong preference for online ordering, that they are willing to make a majority of their purchases with a supplier willing to offer this feature, even if it means switching suppliers altogether.

Industry giants are well aware of this trend and are fully capitalizing on it. Between 77% and 86% of Sysco, Gordon Food Services, Reinhart, and US Foods customers are already using online ordering.  

Online B2B eCommerce Comparison

Smaller broadline distributors, wholesale suppliers, and manufacturers, on the other hand, are well behind in the adoption of mobile and online ordering technologies.

This puts them at significant risk of losing customers to competitors with more modern technological offering. Buyers are eager to use mobile and online ordering solutions, and suppliers need to address this trend.

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