8 Best Breakfast Protein Bar Ideas for Wholesalers

Lauren Platero
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    Developing the next best protein bar in the food and beverage industry will require extensive research, time, and effort. It’s vital that wholesale business leaders have a clear understanding of what their suppliers can provide. Meanwhile, it's just as important that they also know what their clientele is willing to purchase. 

    Some of the best breakfast bars on the market are those with a high amount of protein. In fact, some options are so rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals that they can arguably be meal replacements every now and then. 

    While the protein and cereal bar business is a fairly niche market, it’s becoming increasingly saturated. So, how can the future’s best breakfast protein bar companies surpass competitors and thrive? Let’s dive into the remainder of this article to find out!

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    Best Breakfast Protein Bar Companies

    Emerging protein bar companies have numerous sources of inspiration. The following brands sell wholesale breakfast bars to retailers like grocery stores, cafes, and beyond. They all have extensive order volumes since they know exactly how to cater to their ideal customer profile. When you’re planning product, marketing, and distribution strategies, consider the following brands for ideas as well as growth opportunities:

    • RXBAR
    • Clif Bar 
    • KIND
    • Larabar 
    • Power Crunch
    • Pure Protein 
    • Quest Nutrition

    8 Ways to Offer the Best Protein Bars for Breakfast

    The ability to capture the attention of consumers while creating some of the best healthy breakfast bars on the market can be difficult. While there are some qualities in a product that will allure retailers to purchase your protein bars in bulk, other traits may deter them.

    Revisit the business plan from the launch of your brand–or the most recent version. Familiarize yourself with any gaps in the breakfast bar industry. If it’s been at least six months since the last time you conducted research on the matter, reevaluate this sector of the packaged food space. Use the following suggestions as a starting point, perhaps as a checklist, when strategizing the creation of the next best breakfast protein bar:

    1. Add Food Trends to the Product Line

    When culinary trends begin to surface, the restaurant industry introduces them, and then they start appearing in the aisles of grocery stores. Stay on top of emerging trends in the food industry to know what to create before it becomes “old” or mainstream. Doing so will keep you front and center whilst consumers are shopping. Plus, being one of the first protein bar companies to launch a new trend is ideal for marketing tactics like SEO. 

    The best way to stay in the know about food trends is to follow bloggers and social media personalities. To remain aware of what competing brands are launching, follow them on social media too and sign-up for their email list. Keeping up with health and fitness content creators may also spark some inspiration as well.  

    2. Provide Desirable Macronutrients

    The best breakfast protein bar companies are those that accommodate various diets and lifestyles. Therefore, it’s essential to create a product line that’s diverse when it comes to macronutrients. 

    For instance, low-carb diets like keto require people to stay within a high fat but moderate protein bracket every day. So, it might be worth creating a protein bar that has roughly 15 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, and 2 grams of carbs. 

    Meanwhile, you might want to create another product category that’s designed for people who want to build lean muscle. In this case, the macronutrients of one bar should comprise a balance of protein, carbs, and fats.

    3. Offer a Wide Variety of Flavors

    Diversity your product line by incorporating a ton of different flavor profiles. Sure, some of the best breakfast protein bar options right now are flavors like chocolate peanut butter and strawberries and cream. However, you can get much more creative than that! Purchase different types of frozen fruit, seeds, and nuts to create unique or exotic recipes.

    If you want to add a healthy dose of caffeine to your protein bar recipes, invest in wholesale coffee and different types of matcha. Not only will these ingredients lead to familiar tastes, but also create a quick pick-me-up for those living a busy lifestyle.

    4. Keep Each Product Consistent

    Create a strict schedule to conduct quality control checks. The point of checking the quality of your protein bars, and all other products for that matter, is to confirm the safety and integrity of the items you have for sale. In the event that something appears to be inadequate, your company will have the time and resources to take action. 

    Some errors that can show up during quality control check are issues like defects in the packaging, food spoilage within the BOH storage units, and more. If and when you should notice any of these quality concerns, you must follow proper protocols. Finally, you can then move onto implementing prevention measures.

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    5. Use High-Quality Wholesale Packaging Materials

    To supply consumers with one of the best breakfast protein bar options on the market, you need to use the best packaging materials. Protein bars should be completely sealed in plastic wrappers that keep the ingredients fresh. Many protein bar recipes have a tough and chewy texture, which means that you need wrappers that are snug enough to keep the bars intact.

    It’s also important that the material and thickness of your packaging can clearly display your imagery, logo, and nutrition label. If you sell wholesale protein bars for retailers to supply to customers in packages, the same rule applies to any cardboard packaging. This way, all of your packaging is cohesive from one quantity to the next. 

    If you want to add sustainability initiatives to your branding efforts, use packaging materials that are made from recycled materials. This way, consumers will feel at ease knowing that they are purchasing from a brand that’s environmentally friendly.

    6. Source High-Quality Ingredients

    If you’re manufacturing your own protein bars instead of purchasing them from a white label brand, it’s important to source the best ingredients. From oats and dairy to freeze dried fruit and cocoa powder, there are so many ingredients you’ll have to keep on hand. Luckily, there are inventory management tools that can simplify procurement. 

    Before you can kick-start relationships with suppliers, you need to run trials of various recipes. That way, you’ll know exactly what goes into your entire product line. Then, each wholesale purchase agreement will be as accurate as possible.

    7. Ensure a Reasonable Shelf Life

    A faster inventory turnover rate will contribute to the best breakfast protein bar options, since they’ll have a longer shelf life. With this in mind, it’s also important to check with your ingredient suppliers or white label brands to see what their turnover rates are like. After all, the timeline of each individual ingredient will impact the integrity and quality of your final products. 

    The best breakfast protein bar companies on the market today pride themselves on offering organic products with non-toxic ingredients. So in order to keep up with the competition, you should avoid excessive amounts of preservatives. The freshest ingredients you can obtain are what will make preservative-free protein bars possible.

    8. Deliver Stellar Customer Service

    Maintain open lines of communication with your suppliers as well as the retailers that buy your protein bars in bulk. In doing so, you’ll be one of the first to know product updates, customer reviews, and so on. As a leader of a wholesale protein bar company, you can use such information to your advantage by creating more preferable brands. Over time, enhancements to the product line will nurture customer retention and a better customer experience

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    How to Buy and Sell the Best Breakfast Protein Bars Wholesale

    With an app like BlueCart, the best breakfast protein bar companies can sell their products to retailers. Meanwhile, they can source all their ingredients from farmers, manufacturers, or white label distributors. It’s the industry’s #1 platform for both buyers and sellers, making order management and payment processing a breeze. If you want to boost breakfast bar sales or diversify your retail business’ product selection, schedule a demo to learn more!

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