Best Breakfast Bars: 10 Top-Selling Brands In the U.S.

Lauren Platero
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    Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. And what’s more convenient than grabbing one of the best breakfast bars from your pantry? Many consumers live a fast-moving lifestyle and don’t take time to prepare a complete breakfast each morning. 

    Fortunately, there are many wholesale food distributors that supply grocery stores with tasty and nutritious options. Some of the best breakfast bars even incorporate popular food trends into their recipes. From high-protein blends to tropical fruit combos, there’s an overabundance of breakfast bars on the market. But which brands are leading the industry?

    In this blog post, we’re going to rank the best breakfast bars that retail businesses can sell. They may even help in creating a profitable eCommerce store if you sell food products online. Regardless of how you need to purchase wholesale breakfast bars, you’re in the right place. 

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    10 Brands That Sell the Best Breakfast Bars

    If you enter any major grocery store, the cereal aisle will showcase shelves upon shelves stocked with numerous grab-and-go options. But which brands supply the best breakfast bars? Check out the list below to determine which brands to acquire wholesale breakfast products from:

    1. Nature Valley

    If there's one food group that’s associated with breakfast more than anything else, it's granola. While some brands market granola as something to mix in with different types of yogurt, others use it as the base of breakfast bars. 

    Nature Valley does a fantastic job at using granola to give its cereal bars more substance. In fact, some might argue that this one ingredient is what makes them the best breakfast bars of all time. Not only does granola pair deliciously with other ingredients like nuts and fruits, but it's super filling. It's not every day that you find food that's satisfying, nutritious, and convenient, but Nature Value offers just that in numerous flavors.

    2. Clif Bar 

    Some consumers enjoy energy drinks. However, there are others who prefer energy bars. That's the role that Clif Bar fulfills in the food and beverage space. Their lineup of breakfast bars contains freeze dried fruits, seeds, and nuts. But wait--there's more! 

    Did you know that Clif Bar is the only brand of snack and breakfast bars on the market that contain caffeine? That's right--if you miss your morning coffee or tea, keeping one of these bars with you can provide you with a great energy boost during your busy day.

    3. Kind

    With a mission backed by the importance of kindness, it's no surprise that Kind creates some of the best breakfast bars. The brand uses whole foods ranging from mixed nuts and seeds to fruits to deliver naturally sweet flavor profiles. Plus, many of their breakfast bars have a healthy amount of protein. 

    If you're in support of Kind's mission, you can also expand your product line by purchasing other product types wholesale. Kind makes everything from mixed nuts and berries to snack bars. So, they can make up a prominent section of your snack lineup.

    4. Kashi

    Foods that are high in fiber and protein are great for your health. These are two macronutrients that also contribute to feeling full for long periods of time. That's why Kashi makes this the standard across their granola and breakfast bars. 

    Despite their delicious flavors, Kashi uses very few added sugars. They make a healthy, guilt-free snack during the day or post workouts. 

    5. RXBAR

    For consumers who want to stick to minimal ingredients, RXBAR will offer the best breakfast bars on the market. One thing that many RXBAR customers love about the brand is that there aren't any ingredients on the nutrition label that they can't pronounce. The fact of the matter is that they understand exactly what they're putting into their bodies. 

    RXBAR binds its breakfast bars with egg whites. Then, the flavor comes from ingredients like dates, nuts, cocoa, and other whole foods. In flavors that have a slightly higher protein content, that's likely due to different types of nut butters.

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    6. Larabar

    Overly processed foods can be detrimental to our health and well-being. That's why Larabar prioritizes minimal processing across its product line. As a result, many grocers and consumers alike claim that they offer the best healthy breakfast bars. 

    Larabar products are also free of excessive amounts of sugar. Instead, they use naturally sweet ingredients like dates to add a touch of sweetness to their cereal bars. In doing so, they're able to achieve tasty flavors, like apple pie.

    7. Premier Protein

    High-protein diets are more prominent than ever before. With the rise in popularity of healthy food trends and fitness, consumers are constantly looking for delicious protein bars. As of 2024, Premier Protein offers the best breakfast protein bar selection. 

    Premier Protein also offers a vast selection of drinks. Maybe your customers want to purchase healthy post-workout meal replacements. Or, perhaps you want to offer ways to start the day on a strong note. Regardless, Premier Protein has a selection of products for various lifestyles.

    8. BelVita 

     While they're most known for their biscuits, BelVita offers a vast selection of breakfast bars. One aspect across the board is their commitment to providing breakfast foods that allow you to sustain energy throughout the day. In doing so, their products help keep the consumer feeling satisfied for extended periods of time, too. 

     BelVita also caters to everyone's preferences when it comes to food textures. They offer crunchy, soft-baked, and sandwich treats in various flavors. As a cereal bar business, this is a great path to take for implementing product differentiation.

    9. Quaker 

    Quaker is one of the original brands that sell an extensive range of breakfast foods. From instant oatmeal to some of the best breakfast cereal bars when it comes to flavors, Quaker has it all. 

    Oats are the main ingredient in most of Quaker's breakfast bars. Due to the neutral flavor of oats, various flavor profiles pair well with the consistency of its base ingredients. With that in mind, Quaker has been able to successfully introduce a wide range of flavors across their product line. And considering that The Quaker Company has been thriving since 1901, it's safe to say that their recipes are inclusive, timeless, and household staples.

    10. Nutri-Grain

    If you want to stock your shelves with low-calorie and tasty breakfast bars, Nutri-Grain bars should be on your radar. Their soft and delicate consistency makes them feel more like a sweet treat than something one would eat first thing in the morning. Nonetheless, they certainly contain the macronutrients associated with breakfast foods. 

    Like other breakfast bars on the market, it’s also helpful that Nutri-Grain bars are individually wrapped. This way, it’s easy to take them with you. But more importantly than that, the packaging protects the quality and safety of the ingredients.

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