Best Healthy Breakfast Bars: 5 Top Options In 2024

Lauren Platero
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    Customers often shop for the best healthy breakfast bars at their local grocery stores. Such products are so popular that the protein and cereal bar business is constantly evolving with the times. As consumers continue to discover and implement healthy eating habits, they turn toward the best breakfast bars on the market for their convenience. 

    If you operate a retail or eCommerce business, you might be wondering which wholesale breakfast bars you should purchase in bulk. In this blog post, that’s exactly what we’ll cover! Read on to learn about the five best healthy breakfast bars!

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    5 Best Healthy Breakfast Bars

    Breakfast is arguably the most vital meal one can consume during the day. Many wholesale business models and private label brands in the food and beverage industry leverage this concept to market their products to the masses. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions–even among entities like the best breakfast protein bar brands. 

    For instance, you might stumble across a brand of breakfast bars that contain frozen fruit, organic nuts, and protein. But if you look closely at the ingredient label and macros, you’ll find that there are refined sugars, seed oils, and processed grains. As a result, many consumers are eating low-density and high-calorie bars in place of a well-balanced breakfast. 

    However, numerous brands have the health and wellness of their consumers in mind. These are the food companies that produce nutritious breakfast bars with stellar nutrition labels. The ways in which they source their ingredients are quite impressive, too. See below to learn about five options that you could buy wholesale and stock your shelves with.

    1. Paleovalley

    While some of the best healthy breakfast bars on the market might leave out all the bad stuff like gluten and GMOs, some don't deliver the right nutritional content. However, that's not the case with Paleovalley.  

    The #1 goal among the business owner of Paleovalley is to fill the gaps where consumers might be lacking nutrition. Their recipes exclude sugar alcohols, gluten, dairy, grains, soy, and more. Therefore, customers get the ultimate balance of nutrition. 

    Nutrient-dense recipes are the foundation of the best healthy breakfast bars. With Paleovalley, consumers everywhere can begin their day on a positive note. More specifically, the protein sourced from bone broth is rich in collagen. As a result, each bar supports the skin, mussels, blood vessels, and bones. Not only are these benefits ideal for the average consumer, but those living an athletic lifestyle, too.

    2. RXBAR

    You can count all the ingredients on an RXBAR wrapper on one hand. That's a claim that not many food companies can make!

    RXBAR sells some of the best healthy breakfast bars that have clean and simple ingredients. With egg whites holding together food groups like nuts and freeze dried fruits, they’re extremely healthier. Plus, the macronutrients you'll find in each bar are great for various diets and lifestyles, such as gluten-free. 

    For instance, instead of something like whey protein, the protein source in each bar comes from egg whites--the the healthiest part of the egg. Then, other ingredients like dates and nuts are from the best suppliers. 

    RXBARS are popping up in grocery stores and cafes all across the nation. Be sure to regularly purchase wholesale quantities to keep up with the competition.

    3. Perfect Bar

    It's rare that you find breakfast bars that you store in the refrigerator. However, when you consider the freshness that consumers are looking for, the idea makes perfect sense (no pun intended). 

    Perfect Bar refuses to use harmful chemicals and preservatives, which is why refrigeration is necessary. However, they're still a great option for those on the go. Once somebody takes a Perfect Bar out of the fridge, they have anywhere from two to seven days to consume it. 

    The product line includes over twenty superfoods, organic honey, freshly ground nut butters, and other good-for-you ingredients. The brand owners value transparency when it comes to healthy food products. So, they're honest about where and how they source all their ingredients. Whether you're referring to different types of nut butters or eggs, their ingredients are of outstanding quality. 

    Every bar contains a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Plus, all their products and ingredients are non-GMO and certified organic.

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    4. Bulletproof 

    Bulletproof products are inspired by the coffee trends of the same term. Making a healthy food “bulletproof” is the idea of increasing the fat content to satisfy hunger for an extended period of time. Bulletproof’s protein and collagen bars are some of the best healthy breakfast bars on the market for these exact reasons. 

    The company’s mission is to keep you strong and at optimal health without feeling hungry. Their unique cookie-like texture is also product diversification at its finest. While most brands supply thick and chewy textures, Bulletproof provides the same experience as when consuming a sweet treat. 

    Bulletproof’s collagen-infused recipes contain the ingredients that make up the building blocks for bones, joints, and skin. Meanwhile, all their products contain MCT oil, which will satisfy cravings and hunger. 

    5. LARABAR

    It's easy to supply customers with healthy options when the ingredient lists are simple. That's the primary goal at LARABAR. 

    By investing in regenerative farming practices, they're able to create recipes full of high-quality and ethically sourced ingredients. Many sustainable restaurants and stores are striving to bring eco-friendliness to the table. By supporting a brand that does the same, you can take one step closer to a sustainable business.

    Despite using whole foods in each recipe, LARABAR makes eating healthy enjoyable for everyone. That's why they base all of their flavors around popular snacks and food trends

    LARABAR also has mini  versions of their breakfast bars, too. Plus, they have versions geared for the kiddos that contain nine or less ingredients. This way, your whole family can reap the benefits of the best healthy breakfast bars.

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Healthy Breakfast Bars

    The best healthy breakfast bars are top-selling products in almost every business type. If you’d like to learn more about them from a fairly general perspective, check out the following FAQ section.

    Where Can I Buy Wholesale Breakfast Bars?

    Businesses can purchase wholesale breakfast bars through a digital wholesale directory. Software providers like BlueCart make it quick and easy for retailers to browse through catalogs, place orders, take inventory, and reorder insufficient stock.

    Are Breakfast Bars Healthy for Breakfast?

    Yes, breakfast bars can be healthy and convenient options for breakfast as long as they contain the right ingredients. If they contain whole foods that are rich in nutrients, you shouldn’t feel any guilt eating one first thing in the morning. However, if they contain ingredients like refined sugar and preservatives, you should probably limit consumption or shop for an alternative.

    What Is the Healthiest Breakfast Bar?

    One of the healthiest breakfast bars on the market right now is probably RXBAR. Most of their products contain five ingredients and they exclude all the fillers that are found in competing brands. Brands like Paleovalley and Perfect Bar are close runner-ups, too.

    What Cereal Bars Are Actually Healthy?

    Some cereal bars on the market that are actually healthy include:

    • Perfect Bar
    • Simple Truth
    • Kind
    • RXBAR

    Is It Okay to Eat a Protein Bar for Breakfast?

    Yes, it’s okay to eat a protein bar for breakfast in the morning. However, just make sure that if you’re eating something that has processed ingredients, it doesn’t have excessive amounts of refined sugar. But more often than not, brands that sell protein bars are free of nasty filler ingredients.

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    How to Buy and Sell the Best Healthy Breakfast Bars

    Many retail business owners purchase the best healthy breakfast bars wholesale from individual suppliers. However, it’s much easier to place all orders and schedule future deliveries in one place. With a platform like BlueCart, you can do just that! Plus, there may be far more breakfast bar distributors than mentioned in this article. If this kind of solution can benefit your business, book a demo to learn more about it!

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