Wholesale Breakfast Bars: Where to Buy & Sell Breakfast Bars

Lauren Platero
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    Wholesale breakfast bars are a popular staple across the globe. From grocery stores to eCommerce health and wellness shops, breakfast and cereal bar business ventures can result in large order volumes, a vast customer base, and massive earnings. 

    But where can businesses source the best breakfast bars within the packaged food industry? In this article, we’re going to outline five wholesale business types that could sell breakfast bars in bulk. But first, let’s clarify a few of the basics on the topic at hand. See below:

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    What Are Wholesale Breakfast Bars?

    Wholesale breakfast bars are bulk quantities of pre-packaged foods that are suitable for breakfast or midday snacks. Some of the best healthy breakfast bars consist of macronutrients like high grams of protein and low amounts of sugar. Meanwhile, there are some breakfast bars on the market that are marketed as more of a snack than a meal on its own. 

    Businesses sell wholesale breakfast bars for the sole purpose of their convenience. It’s the kind of food item that busy people can grab in a hurry, toss in their bag, or consume during a time restriction. As a result, they contribute to a great portion of the revenue generated by grocery enterprises, convenience stores, and other food service entities. 

    The Companies In Need of Wholesale Breakfast Bars

    Despite the simple concept of breakfast bars, there are numerous types of businesses that purchase them wholesale. If your business type is mentioned in the list below, consider purchasing bulk quantities of breakfast bars from a reputable brand. But if your company supplies such products, use the following list of businesses as a checklist of who to market your brand to. After all, the businesses below sell breakfast bars on a regular basis:

    • Grocery stores
    • Fitness centers
    • Online shops 
    • Health food stores
    • Farmers’ markets 
    • Coffee shops and cafes
    • Cafeterias in hospitals, schools, and workplaces

    Where to Buy and Sell Wholesale Breakfast Bars: 5 Options

    Now that we’ve covered the types of businesses that purchase wholesale breakfast bars the most, it’s time to cover where they can find them. Read on to view a comprehensive list of five outlets where wholesalers and retailers can distribute and acquire breakfast bars.

    1. A Digital Wholesale Catalog

    Businesses that supply wholesale breakfast bars will have the best experience shopping from a digital wholesale directory. The way it works is upon signing up, buyers have the option to browse through digital catalogs. Then, they can place online orders. 

    BlueCart is the #1 digital catalog software for wholesale food distributors. With a wide selection of brands that could supply wholesale breakfast bars, you can place all your orders in one place—among all your other products, too. 

    Wholesalers are able to keep their catalogs up to date, ensuring that businesses have the latest selection at their fingertips. Plus, they're also able to make quick and easy changes to prices. Businesses that typically browse through paper catalogs can benefit from such innovative features. With digital catalogs, they'll never risk viewing outdated information. 

    Once you have a variety of products you want to have in stock at all times, you can schedule a reorder point. Once you're able to conduct inventory forecasting, automated shipments will take a significant amount of time and effort off your hands. Plus, with an app like BlueCart, you can access all your orders and data metrics from a mobile app. So, you can keep a close eye on transactions and each wholesale purchase agreement at all times.

    2. Individual Wholesale Food Distributors

    A popular option that businesses leverage when purchasing wholesale breakfast bars is buying them right from the brands. Let's take a grocery store for example. The grocer might know of five brands that supply the best breakfast protein bar selections. Meanwhile, they might be aware of three other brands that sell more decadent snack bars. 

    The business owner or upper-level manager of this grocery enterprise can place orders directly through all eight brands. While this might seem like the most logical way to acquire inventory, there's quite a bit of room for errors and work overload. It all boils down to time, excessive spending, and human errors. 

    If you purchase your wholesale breakfast bars directly from the source, you'll have to manually count the available stock for each brand. Then, placing all orders separately may not grant you the possibility of savings promotions. Most importantly, handling all of this manual labor can result in spending extended periods of time tracking inventory. As a result, you may miscount or miscalculate current stock levels, upcoming order quantities, and so on.

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    3. Local Bakeries and Cafes 

    Many business leaders choose to source products from local suppliers for the convenience factor. Since they're just a quick drive away, sourcing products from local suppliers allows you to receive shipments in record time. 

    If you're ever in need of additional stock during a time crunch, having partnerships with local food distributors will come in handy. In fact, you could simply stop by their facility if doing so is necessary. 

    When you're in such close proximity to your suppliers, it's much easier to build and nurture positive business relationships. As a result, purchasing custom orders is a possibility. This idea is a way that businesses can cater to their shopper’s preferences, improving the customer experience over time. 

    Despite its benefits, it's important to keep in mind that purchasing stock from local distributors can be similar to individual suppliers. More specifically, it can be hard to track stock levels from local suppliers. Your best option? Leverage an online directory that includes nearby suppliers. Then, you'll experience the best of both options.

    4. Packaged Food Expos and Trade Shows

    Leading brands within the food and beverage industry often participate in food expos and trade shows. During these events, suppliers and buyers have the opportunity to network with one another. As a result, attending expos and trade shows are often the catalyst for countless conversations between potential buyers and sellers. 

    Executives who work for restaurants and grocery stores will likely have the option to place orders during the event if they wish. If not, it’s still an opportunity for suppliers to put their name on the map in front of brands who regularly buy their product type.

    5. International Food Importers 

    Other countries tend to create various recipes depending on cultural influences. In doing so, there's a chance that they incorporate ingredients that other areas may not use. As a result, there are numerous exotic and unique products that foreign countries can buy or sell wholesale. 

    Climate also plays a big role in products, such as wholesale breakfast bars, that you may have imported. For instance, some fruits and grains might be more abundant in places with warmer or cooler temperatures. As a result, items like breakfast bars containing such ingredients might be more popular in these areas. 

    It's worth noting that importers have to pay tax on goods they sell and ship abroad. As a result, businesses that sell such products or ones containing imported ingredients will likely have to charge a higher price. 

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    Buy and Sell Wholesale Breakfast Bars Via BlueCart

    Buying and selling wholesale breakfast bars--or anything for that matter, is easy with online wholesale marketplaces. With the ability to do more with less, BlueCart's mobile-friendly platform makes it feasible for businesses to manage and track shipments with ease. Meanwhile, suppliers on the other side of the agreement can process and fulfill new orders with efficiency. 

    If our platform sounds like a good fit for your food service or wholesale business, our implementation phase will be super quick. Within a week or so, we can have your solutions up and running with training assistance available for your team. Schedule a demo to begin!

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