Wholesale Frozen Fruit: 9 Tips for Starting Your Business

Lauren Platero
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    There are so many grocers, manufacturers, and brands in the restaurant industry that purchase wholesale frozen fruit. While fresh produce is a profitable product to distribute, frozen fruit wholesalers benefit from the longevity and versatility of frozen fruit. 

    In this article, we’re going to take a look at the definition of wholesale frozen fruit. Then, we’re going to dive into nine valuable tips to implement so that you can be the best frozen fruit wholesaler on the market. 

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    What Is Wholesale Frozen Fruit?

    Wholesale frozen fruit consists of the fruit that restaurants and grocery stores purchase in bulk. It’s the quantities that make a product wholesale, rather than what the product is. 

    Many businesses opt for wholesale frozen fruit since they don’t have the means to grow it themselves. Therefore, it’s also common to find wholesale fruit brands carrying vegetables as well. 

    9 Tips for Starting a Wholesale Frozen Fruit Business 

    Starting a wholesale frozen fruit business can be a very profitable venture in the food and beverage space. However, it will require extensive amounts of time and knowledge about produce distribution. Ready to begin? See below for nine tips for starting and running a wholesale business within the produce sector.

    1. Use an Order Management System

    A procurement and order management system can allow a wholesale frozen fruit supplier to streamline operations and reduce work overload. With just a single app, you can simplify invoicing, create custom sub-catalogs for individual customers, leverage eCommerce tools, and so much more. 

    If you want to improve inventory management and fulfillment processes, BlueCart is just the tool for you! Plus, we provide wholesalers with a wide range of other features that will come in handy during daily operations. Want to hear more about them and view our platform in action? Book a demo to learn more and get started!

    2. Partner With Reputable Suppliers

    Many wholesale frozen fruit companies harvest their own produce. However, many brands can obtain their products from a manufacturer or farmer. In this case, ensure that you’re purchasing fruit from a reliable supplier. 

    When buying and selling food, there are numerous safety guidelines to abide by. It’s essential that you can promise the highest quality possible to customers. Therefore, you must source all fruit ethically and sustainably. Besides, one of the main reasons to get all your fruit from a farmer or other type of supplier is for quality control. Farmers are already following safety regulations and processing standards. So then, these qualities trickle down to your wholesale company making it simpler to sell the best products possible.

    3. Only Sell Organic Frozen Fruit

    Many retailers opt to buy organic frozen fruit wholesale. With this in mind, know that it can be very lucrative to operate a frozen organic fruit wholesale distribution company. In fact, the majority of frozen fruit wholesale brands nowadays only sell produce that's free of toxic chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Therefore, selling organic and non-GMO frozen fruit is the first step toward keeping up with competitors. 

    Organic fruit also links to sustainability efforts. Since eco-friendly restaurants and healthy food trends are on the rise, wholesale frozen fruit suppliers should take action. As you prioritize sourcing organic fruits (and veggies), you'll instantly meet the needs of countless paying customers.

    4. Offer a Wide Selection of Fruits 

    In order to run a successful wholesale frozen fruit company, it’s essential that you provide customers with a wide range of products. It’s standard practice for frozen fruit wholesalers to serve single-fruit options. However, it’s also important to create various fruit blends. For example, it might be very profitable to create a mixed berry product. Another popular flavor profile amongst consumers is a tropical blend. 

    With combinations, you’ll allow customers to save money since they won’t have to purchase a little of everything. Instead, it will all be available in one bag, which is a great way to implement product differentiation.

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    5. Expand Into the Vegetable Market 

    Selling wholesale frozen vegetables is a popular move amongst frozen fruit suppliers. After all, they both require similar sourcing, processing, and branding initiatives. Plus, many businesses and consumers use them in similar recipes. For example, if a restaurant is using frozen fruit, there’s a good chance that they might also be using frozen vegetables. 

    Expanding into the wholesale vegetable market is also a way to maintain product diversification. It will help capture more sales as well, since your product range will be much broader. Over time, selling both types of produce will give you the chance to be a leader within a niche market.

    6. Use the Best Packaging Materials

    The packaging materials that wholesalers use for frozen fruit vs fresh fruit varies tremendously. While fresh fruit can be stored in boxes and crates, frozen fruit must be sold in sturdy, BPA-free plastic bags. Freezer bags prevent leaks, retain a cool temperature, and keep the food sanitary.

    But is frozen fruit as healthy as fresh fruit since it’s wrapped in plastic? Yes, it sure is! In fact, many wholesalers and nutritionists will tell you that the nutrients in fresh fruit degrade much faster. Meanwhile, frozen fruit holds onto its nutritional value. So, enjoy distributing frozen fruit to the masses knowing that you’re selling healthy and nutritious products.

    7. Utilize Sufficient Distribution Channels 

    Distribution and shipping channels need to deliver products to your customers safely and efficiently. Fast and direct shipments are best when selling perishable products. This concept is even more crucial when handling temperature-sensitive goods. Opt for shipping methods that send the product directly to the restaurant business or retailer. A shipping service that can offer overnight delivery will also be quite valuable. Not just for stellar customer service but for orders arriving on time. 

    You should also become familiar with cold chain logistics to maintain the food’s quality and safety. Wholesale frozen fruit shipments should be kept in freezers while in transit. If not, food spoilage is a major risk. Even if you put insulation and ice packs in sturdy boxes, trucks with freezers will provide the best reassurance that your products stay in perfect condition.

    8. Set Up Reasonable Prices

    Every wholesale frozen fruit company needs to set prices that will sustain long-term profitability. Set competitive prices that correspond with current market rates. Also consider each and every cost that goes into processing and shipping your products. This way, customers can get the best bang for their buck while you maximize revenue simultaneously.

    If you sell private label frozen fruit to a particular business, it’s expected for prices to be a bit higher. This is because you’ll be supplying said business with additional branding services. For instance, you’ll have to add visuals, logos, and branded information to the packaging. Printing custom designs on specific packages will significantly bump up your costs. That’s why the majority of wholesale frozen fruit suppliers are white label brands.

    9. Stay Up to Date With Laws and Regulations

    As a business owner, it’s vital that you remember just how frequently laws and regulations can change. Not just for your state, but on a federal level as well. Plus, there are groups like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), departments of health, and plant health inspectors. Compliance with all these types of organizations is essential, not just for ethical reasons but for legal purposes, too. Find resources like newsletters or legal services that let you stay informed about policy changes. In doing so, you'll be able to run a compliant and secure wholesale frozen fruit company.

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    Optimize Your Wholesale Frozen Fruit Company With BlueCart

    Are you still researching how to run a wholesale distribution business in the produce sector? That’s alright, we have a variety of resources that we think you’ll find quite valuable. If you have questions about how we can assist your wholesale frozen fruit business, contact us any time!

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