Wholesale Frozen Vegetables: 11 Ways to Sell Frozen Veggies

Lauren Platero
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    The process of selling wholesale frozen vegetables is quite similar to distributing frozen fruit. Sure, there may be differences in marketing the products, but many practices are identical across the board. Similar to the best frozen fruit wholesalers, vegetable brands should follow a set of steps that will lead to successful sales trends. 

    In this blog post, we're going to begin by discussing the simple definition of wholesale frozen vegetables. Then, we'll explain how a wholesale business can sell frozen vegetables in eleven steps. 

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    What Are Wholesale Frozen Vegetables?

    Wholesale frozen vegetables are bulk quantities of frozen veggies. The point of purchasing them wholesale is for commercial use. Wholesale vegetables are what restaurants and retailers like grocery stores stock up on. By purchasing wholesale frozen vegetables in bulk, these businesses pay a lower price. They operate almost the same as frozen fruit wholesalers, too.

    How to Sell Wholesale Frozen Vegetables In 11 Steps 

    There are many steps a distribution business must take prior to selling wholesale frozen fruit or vegetables. We can use the concepts for both types of produce interchangeably due to how similar they are. Below, you’ll find eleven steps that will walk you through the procurement phase all the way to the selling process.

    1. Source the Vegetables 

    Partnering with farmers, producers, or manufacturers is the first step a wholesaler must take before selling products. The place that you source your vegetables from will dictate factors later on. The cost, processing timeline, and harvesting practices will dictate the value of your products. These factors may also contribute to the way you package your vegetables, how you market them, and so on.

    2. Create the Product Listings

    If you want to sell wholesale frozen vegetables to the masses, you need to create an enticing product listing. This collection of images and product specifications are what will exist in a wholesale directory. When selling a product in such a saturated market, it’s essential to stand out amongst the competition. 

    Showcasing exactly what the recipient will receive will help capture more orders. Plus, it will lessen the return volume. This achievement can help any wholesaler maximize profits. Optimized catalog development is the first step toward establishing a positive customer experience.

    3. Set the Prices

    Before you can begin selling wholesale frozen vegetables, you need to set the prices. How much will you charge for each type of vegetable? Depending on their demand and the farmers you buy from, these figures can range quite a bit. Quantities are also an important factor to take into consideration.

    The prices of wholesale frozen vegetables won’t be the same as when you sell to individual consumers. Since you’ll be selling products in bulk, the prices will be discounted. So, it’s vital that you ensure there’s still a high enough markup to remain profitable.

    4. Choose Proper Packaging Materials

    Tear-resistant freezer bags are essential when selling frozen vegetables. If bags of food rip during production or transportation, the supplier or recipient must dispose of it. As a result, flimsy packaging can drive expenses higher than you’d like. Plus, one of the pros about freezer-safe bags is that they help maintain cold temperatures. 

    If you supply private label frozen fruit and vegetables, you’ll be printing branded information and visuals on product packaging. If this is the case, ensure that you purchase bags that you can easily print designs on.

    5. Opt for Sufficient Shipping Methods

    When selling wholesale frozen vegetables, suppliers need to invest in shipping methods that implement cold chain logistics. These shipping practices ensure that the products will remain in a temperature-controlled environment. If overnight shipping and delivery is an option, that will be your best bet when handling perishables. 

    When people debate the flexibility of selling frozen veggies and frozen fruit vs fresh fruit and fresh veggies, shipping is usually a factor. But is frozen fruit as healthy as fresh fruit? And are frozen vegetables as nutritious as fresh vegetables? Well, if you transport them accordingly, the quality of frozen and fresh produce is just about the same!

    6. Use an App for Wholesalers

    Integrate your product catalog with a wholesale distribution app to reach the maximum number of customers possible. In doing so, you’ll be able to maximize revenue and surpass sales quotas. Meanwhile, a digital platform eliminates manual data entry and human errors. Over time, you’ll notice that these attributes save you significant amounts of time and money. 

    BlueCart is an industry-leading wholesale order management app that connects buyers and sellers. Check out how our digital catalog software streamlines mobile ordering, fulfillment, and payment processing for microgreens and produce distributors!
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    7. Market the Wholesale Frozen Vegetables

    Once your wholesale frozen vegetables become available for purchase, it’s time to market them to your target audience. There are numerous suppliers on the market that sell wholesale frozen vegetables, so it’s absolutely necessary to promote your product line as much as possible. 

    If you’re using a wholesale distribution app to empower your business, there will likely be built-in marketing capabilities. For instance, BlueCart users have the option to create banner ads. When their customers log into the buyer’s side of the app, they’ll be met with reminders that may prompt them to place new orders. 

    8. Put Order Management Practices In Place

    How often will you place orders with your farmers or manufacturers? How often will you review and fulfill new orders as they roll in? To streamline future orders, you need to establish effective practices beforehand. While an all-inclusive system can tackle the bulk of the work for you, you’ll still have to determine what your order management routines will look like.

    9. Sell Subscription Boxes

    One way to boost inventory turnover is by selling subscription boxes. Wholesale frozen vegetables suppliers can create variety packs that they distribute to customers each month. The products inside can be dependent on the recipient’s needs or preferences. 

    Selling directly to consumers is easy with an eCommerce website. Once you add your product catalog to a digital storefront, customers can sign up for recurring orders. Or, you can give them the option to place a one-time purchase to try your subscription service.

    10. Sell Wholesale Frozen Vegetables to Grocery Stores and Restaurants

    As a wholesale frozen vegetable supplier, your two most recurring customers will be grocery stores and restaurants. After all, no other entities use frozen produce as often as these two. With this in mind, stay on top of health and food trends. As new uses for wholesale frozen vegetables emerge, shopping habits among grocers and restaurant business owners may change. To keep up with demand and changes in the F&B space, understanding the “why” when it comes to product sales is essential.

    11. Maintain Adequate Amounts of Inventory

    Once you start selling wholesale frozen vegetables on a steady basis, you’ll be able to reference sales reports for insight. Various data metrics that you should monitor are best-sellers, par levels, and dead stock. A clear view of these numbers will let you conduct inventory forecasting and demand planning more efficiently. Plus, you’ll be able to determine just how much inventory to acquire. As a result, this will cut down on food spoilage and food waste.

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