Best Frozen Fruit Brands In the U.S. | 2024 Edition

Lauren Platero
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    The best frozen fruit brands on the market add substantial amounts of vitamins, nutrients, and flavor profiles to countless recipes. In fact, that’s why so many brands across the restaurant industry buy wholesale produce, only to freeze it and use it in dishes. However, many wholesale produce brands are making things simple by selling frozen fruit in bulk. 

    One of the easiest ways to enhance your diet (or your menu) is by adding frozen fruit to the mix. While freeze dried fruit holds onto nutrients and is a great snack, it’s not as versatile as freezing fresh produce

    So, this blog post is going to outline six of the best frozen fruit brands as of March 2024. We’ll also dive into a handful of trending menu items that incorporate frozen fruit. And finally, we’ll go over several qualities of frozen fruit brands that earn them top spots on lists like this one!

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    6 Best Frozen Fruit Brands In the United States

    Almost all supermarkets and restaurants have varieties of frozen produce tucked away in their freezers. But which are the best frozen fruit brands in the United States? Check out our list below of the six leading brands that sell frozen fruit:

    1. Dole 

    Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina

    Notably the most well-recognized brand of fruit products, Dole is certainly one of the best frozen fruit brands on the market. While it’s one of the most trusted frozen fruit brands in the United States, its customer base reaches across the pond to Europe and beyond. 

    Dole also diversifies their frozen fruit selection by making it easier than ever to create well-balanced smoothies. Thanks to their frozen fruit blends that contain spinach, their bagged frozen goods can offer customers an all-in-one meal. And with quality being at the forefront of their mission, eateries and customers can feel confident that they’re receiving the nutritional value that should coincide with frozen produce.

    2. Great Value

    Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas

    Some of the most popular private label frozen fruit you’ll purchase comes from Walmart. As one of the largest private label brands in the nation, frozen fruit is just the tip of the iceberg. However, that’s not to say that their fruit blends aren’t top-notch in terms of packaging and quality. Customers and food service providers can get a huge bang for their buck due to Great Value’s affordable prices. Plus, their product line ranges from standard fruit to exotic blends.

    3. Earthbound Farm 

    Headquarters: San Juan Bautista, California

    Earthbound Farm earned its recognition on our list of the best frozen fruit brands for their certified organic product range. None of their products are grown in environments that use toxic chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. As a result, all of their products are non-GMO, too. Meanwhile, their environmentally friendly practices promote the conservation of biodiversity–what more could you ask for from fruit and veggie farmers?

    4. Wyman’s 

    Headquarters: Milbridge, Maine

    While Wyman’s might offer individual customers and food service professionals a wide range of frozen fruit, they’re most notably known for their frozen berries. In fact, they claim to produce “the world’s finest Wild Blueberries,” which they grow themselves across 10,000 acres of fields and barrens owned and operated by Wyman’s. You can purchase their frozen fruit in 15-ounce bags as well as 3-pound bags. Plus, their selection doesn’t stop at blueberries. Wyman’s carries everything from basic fruit blends to unique tropical fruits.

    5. Private Selection

    Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

    Kroger is home to Private Selection, which is one of nearly 13,000 private label brands you’ll find in their portfolio. Private Selection creates a lot of high-quality and gourmet products. They’re one of the best frozen fruit suppliers, mainly for their diverse variety. One way that Private Selection implements product differentiation is by selling fruit medleys. One combination that tends to stand out is their bags of frozen blueberries, strawberries, and mango.

    6. Cascadian Farm

    Headquarters: Skagit Valley, Washington

    One of Cascadian Farm’s best selling points is that their products are 100% organic, no matter what. Rather than packaging fruits and veggies that could potentially contain not-so-great ingredients, their mission is to bring perfectly healthy produce to the table–literally! Sustainable restaurants and health fanatics appreciate Cascadian Farm’s commitment to sourcing organic-only ingredients. As a result, they’re recognized as one of the best frozen fruit brands in the nation.

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    The Trends Involving the Best Frozen Fruit Brands

    So, is frozen fruit as healthy as fresh fruit? Yes, as long as you manufacture, ship, and store it properly! The frozen fruit vs fresh fruit debate has been ongoing for many years. However, it’s safe to say that the best frozen fruit brands are contributing to a great deal of food trends these days. 

    Restaurants and other company types across the hospitality industry are constantly searching for the best frozen fruit brands. The same idea is even applicable to wholesale frozen vegetables. Frozen fruit wholesalers are booming businesses thanks to a handful of mainstream uses of their products. Take a look at some of them below:


    Many juice bars and healthy food establishments are adding smoothies to their menu. Instead of diluting the recipe with ice, chefs and baristas can add frozen fruit. There’s even an increase in households making smoothies on a regular basis. 

    Frozen Cocktails

    Some of the most popular cocktails can benefit from adding frozen fruit to the blender. Take piña coladas for example. This tropical mixed drink can be significantly healthier by using chunks of frozen pineapple. Instead of using overly sweet juice as the base, frozen fruit can add to the flavor and texture with fewer calories. This is just one of the countless ways that a bartender can leverage the best frozen fruit brands for delicious specialty cocktails. But as a side note, refreshing summer cocktails and mocktails often use some kind of frozen fruit as the base more than all other drink recipes. If not, they certainly can!

    Frozen Smoothie Bowls

    In recent years, acai bowls have become a trendy breakfast staple. However, acai isn’t the only fruit that serves as a delicious base. Many playa bowl businesses offer a coconut base, as this pairs perfectly with other tropical fruits. Generally speaking, any smoothie that you drink can be repurposed as the base of a fruit bowl. Just top it all off with granola, sliced fresh fruit, honey, and more! 

    Pro Tip: Unlike regular smoothies that you drink, bases shouldn’t contain ice. Smoothie bowl bases are meant to remain thick, so you don’t want anything watering it down.

    Frozen Fruit-Based Desserts

    Frozen yogurt and sorbets utilize the best frozen fruit brands to create delicious and nutritious sweet treats. If you operate a yogurt business or are simply looking for a frozen yogurt recipe for your dessert menu, consider using one of the best frozen fruit brands on the market. For one, doing so will allow you to offer customers healthier alternatives to classic sweets. Meanwhile, it will lead to dishes with natural flavors and textures. 

    5 Qualities of the Best Frozen Fruit Brands 

    You’ll find that there are numerous qualities that the best frozen fruit brands have in common. After all, there are likely specific reasons for choosing one brand over another. See below for the top qualities associated with the best frozen fruit brands:

    1. High Quality Packaging

    Freshness and food safety are major concerns across the best frozen fruit brands. The use of heavy-duty plastic bags is essential. With any other kind of packaging material, the fruit could be at risk of rips and tears. As a result, the recipient would have no choice but to dispose of the bag’s contents. It’s also common among these brands to use materials that can protect the fruit against freezer burn.

    2. Regular, Jumbo, and Wholesale Sizes

    In order to be inclusive to all buyers across the market, the best frozen fruit brands typically offer bags in varying sizes. For instance, individual consumers should be able to pick up a moderate amount of frozen fruit at their local grocery store. Meanwhile, a restaurant business should be able to purchase bulk frozen fruit wholesale.  

    3. Efficient Shipping and Distribution Processes

    It’s vital that frozen fruit suppliers implement shipping and distribution practices that protect the product’s quality. Such methods include things like temperature-controlled delivery features. The addition of ice packs to shipping boxes is standard, so there’s many other precautions to take. It’s also common for the best frozen fruit brands to invest in shipping options that offer speedy delivery. However, knowing how to ship frozen food will look a bit different from one product type to the next. So, consider what such processes should be like for frozen fruit specifically. 

    4. Sustainability and Transparency 

    Eco-friendly restaurants and other brands in the F&B space are prioritizing sustainability more now than ever before. The best frozen fruit brands acquire all the information they can regarding where their fruits (and veggies) come from. Then, they simplify these details and add a snippet to the product’s packaging and their website. It’s also just as important for manufacturing processes to be as environmentally conscious, too. 

    5. Organic and Non-GMO Produce

    Similar to the demand for sustainable fruits and vegetables, many businesses and consumers alike prioritize organic options. As health trends continue to dominate the food and beverage ecosystem, eliminating GMOs and other chemicals is a must. Such chemicals often include things like synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Consumers are also beginning to recognize the potential risks of these chemicals on the endocrine system. As a result, many consumers and eateries are avoiding products that could potentially contain hormone-disrupting ingredients.

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Frozen Fruit

    The frozen fruit sector of the food industry is a booming one. From emerging health trends to an increased interest in clean eating, there are many uses for it among consumers. Want to learn more about the topic at hand? Check out the FAQ section below for extra details!

    What Brand Has the Best Frozen Fruit? 

    Several brands that carry the best frozen fruit include:

    • Dole
    • Great Value
    • Earthbound Farm
    • Cascadian Farm
    • Private Selection 

    What Fruit Is the Best to Eat Frozen?

    Berries and grapes are two of the best fruits to eat frozen. They’re small enough to easily consume, despite the fact they harden when frozen. Plus, these fruits are the perfect finger foods and are available all year long.

    Are Frozen Fruits Good for You?

    Yes, frozen fruits are outstanding for your health and well-being. In fact, many nutritionists and health specialists will tell you that frozen fruit is more nutritious since freezing it “locks in” all the vitamins and antioxidants. Meanwhile, fresh fruit tends to harbor bacteria and mold much sooner.

    Is the Frozen Fruit In the Grocery Store Good?

    Yes, the frozen fruit that grocery stores sell is good for your health and in recipes. The way these brands package their products aims to protect their integrity. As a result, you can keep frozen fruit products in the freezer for extended periods of time. Therefore, buying frozen fruit in bulk in good for your wallet, too!

    Is Frozen Fruit Worth the Price?

    Yes, bags of frozen fruit are certainly worth the price. For one, the best frozen fruit brands invest in sturdy packaging and cold chain logistics. While these are two of many factors that may increase the cost of fruit, they also ensure the quality and integrity of the food.

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