Wholesale Protein Bars, Shakes, and Other Snack Products

Nick Mirev
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    The protein powder market has seen impressive growth in recent years. It has become one of the most important parts of the overall dietary supplements niche market. In addition to protein powder, vitamins, and other supplements, the demand for other healthy products has increased as well. Health-conscious customers are looking for convenient and delicious options to acquire the needed proteins, fiber, and energy. That has turned protein bars and ready-to-drink protein beverages into one of the high-demand product categories. Sales of wholesale protein bars and other products have increased as well. Many business owners and retailers have benefited from the increased demand for protein-rich foods. The food and beverage industry has answered to the growing demand by introducing innovative products. In this article, we’ll share details about popular protein-rich snack products.

    What Are the Most Popular Protein Snack Products

    1. Protein bars. Unsurprisingly, they are the most common protein-rich snacks. They are popular not only with people who work out but also among the general public. There are hundreds of protein bar varieties on the market. Some of them contain different types of protein powder such as collagen or whey protein. Others focus on other protein sources like nuts. Grocery stores, gyms, and other businesses aim to benefit from wholesale prices and buy wholesale protein bars.
    2. Protein cookies. Cookies are one of the most popular protein powder recipes to try at home. They are often made with protein-rich types of flour such as pea, peanut, or hemp flour.
    3. Protein shakes. Ready-to-drink smoothies have become very popular recently. They can be found in various retail stores. Businesses that specialize in protein shakes often purchase wholesale protein powder and other ingredients that are rich in protein such as different types of yogurt.
    4. Protein breakfast options. The popularity of protein powder has incentivized the food manufacturing industry to include it in various products. Examples of such include pancake mixes, oatmeal, and cereal. People who aim to build muscle mass are likely to prefer cereal or waffle mix fortified with protein. 
    5. Protein ice cream. The result of combining protein powder with regular or plant-based milk can be a delicious ice cream that is rich in protein and tasty.
    Key takeaway: Protein bars are the most popular snack food rich in protein. They are convenient and leave you full. Protein-rich foods can be found in stores and other businesses. A lot of people prefer to make their own bars or other protein-rich products.
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    Organic Alternatives to Protein Products

    In addition to snack products that include various types of protein powder, there are other options for people who wish to increase their protein intake. Let’s dive a little deeper into some of them.

    Dairy Products

    Greek yogurt is very rich in amino acids. Furthermore, it is a versatile ingredient that can be used for various meals. It can be combined with cereal, nuts, and seeds. It can also be used to make sauces for salads or protein pasta. Skyr is another protein-rich dairy alternative. These products can also be used to make beverages like smoothies. 

    Legumes and Pulses

    Products such as peas, beans, and lentils are the main source of protein for billions of people across the world. They are used in a variety of recipes and can be combined with virtually any other ingredient. The protein powder industry also purchases wholesale peas and other legumes. They are used to make plant-based protein powder. Manufacturers of vegan snacks might also purchase large quantities of legumes to make wholesale protein bars.

    Meat and Eggs

    The protein intake for most people comes from meat. Beef and pork meat are rich in protein. However, excess consumption of red meat can pose risks related to health gain and increased cholesterol levels. Fish and turkey meat are much healthier options. Shellfish options such as shrimp or scallops are also very rich in protein. The main benefit of fish meat is that it contains omega-3 fatty acids.

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    Businesses that Buy Wholesale Protein Bars and Other Products

    A lot of businesses benefit from the popularity of protein-rich products by offering them to their clients. The restaurant industry and other food service establishments have added more items on their menu that are suitable for people who work out. If you’re a distributor who sells wholesale protein bars and other similar products, you can find new customers among these businesses.

    1. Convenience, grocery, and eCommerce stores. Most people buy protein bars and other protein-rich snacks from grocery stores. They are often sold in packs between 10 and 30 bars.
    2. Gyms. Fitness centers often purchase wholesale supplements. They sell these products at retail prices or use them to make shakes, protein-rich snacks, and other treats consumed after intense physical activity.
    3. Cafes and cafeterias. People who wish to sate their appetite might eat a protein bar or another protein-rich dessert. That’s why cafeterias and cafes buy wholesale protein bars and offer them to their customers. Some businesses also offer bundles of a protein-rich dessert with a hot beverage.
    4. Outdoor food and drink businesses. Stands in parks or other outdoor businesses near pedestrian areas might also buy wholesale protein bars and other products.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Protein Bars and Other Products

    Whether you aim to find suppliers or you’re a distributor looking for ways to improve your business, BlueCart is the right solution for you. Our software helps wholesalers automate various tasks and improve the relationship between businesses and their clients. Our team has gathered and answered some commonly asked questions regarding protein bars and other products used by health-conscious consumers. Check them out below.

    Is It Cheaper to Buy or Make Your Own Protein Bars?

    Yes. One of the main reasons why people decide to make their own protein bars is that the price per serving is cheaper compared to buying them from the store. Furthermore, these products are easy to make and don’t require a lot of tools or cooking skills. People who decide to make their own protein bars, shakes, or other products also have control over the ingredients. They can reduce the amount of sugar or add other ingredients that fit their needs and taste.

    How to Start a Retail and Wholesale Protein Bar Company?

    The easiest way to start a protein powder business that focuses on protein bars is to partner with a manufacturer that offers white-labeling services. That way you can focus on marketing and develop your own brand that includes a whole range of products. If you plan to sell wholesale, there are additional regulatory requirements to keep in mind such as a wholesale license. Other potential business ideas in the field include:

    1. An eCommerce website selling protein-rich foods, dietary supplements, workout equipment, and other products for health-conscious consumers;
    2. A smoothie stand or bar that focuses on protein powder drinks;
    3. A vlog or other informational channel related to the benefits of protein powder, exercise, and other health-related topics.

    What Are the Pros and Cons of Protein Products?

    The main reason why people buy protein bars and other protein-rich products is that they are convenient to eat after a workout or during the day. These products contain a large percentage of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of protein and fiber. Another benefit of protein-rich foods is they also give the body various other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. However, excess consumption of these products is not recommended. The main con of protein bars and shakes is that they often contain a lot of sugar and other additives. That can be beneficial for people who workout but it can be a problem for those who want to lose weight.

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