5 Best Frozen Dinner Ideas to Sell or Buy Wholesale

Lauren Platero
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    Convenience is a major selling point among the best frozen dinner brands. Consumers are constantly on the go, searching for ways to multitask and do more with less–or at least in less time. Luckily, many manufacturers within the food and beverage industry leverage the popularity of fast-paced lifestyle to create wholesale products that feed the masses. 

    In this blog post, we’re going to outline several of the best frozen dinner ideas. Then, we’ll delve into the qualities that make those ideas superior to others. Finally, we’ll provide a brief overview of food trends in the prepackaged food department. 

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    5 Best Frozen Dinner Ideas

    The best frozen dinner brands of all time comprise a wide variety of meals. Each dish is made up of a unique recipe, catering to different tastes. In some cases, they’re able to achieve healthy and nutritious recipes. After all, freezing food items is a natural preservation method. So, that’s one group of chemicals that the best frozen dinner manufacturers can avoid. See below for five options that may be suitable to distribute and consume.

    1. Meatloaf, Potatoes, and Veggies

    When it comes to meat products and fresh produce, there are countless ways to mix and match ingredients. However, meatloaf accompanied by grilled vegetables and potatoes is a classic that can be kept frozen. Unlike steak, the meat won’t get tough after reheating it. Meanwhile, the two side dishes can be seasoned to perfection, ready to serve upon removing the dish from the oven or microwave.

    2. Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry 

    Chicken and vegetables are two food items that retain their integrity after being frozen and reheated. Therefore, it’s a suitable option for the best frozen dinner brands to create. It’s also easy to create a chicken and vegetable stir fry recipe that’s high in protein and low in calories. For brands that are marketed as healthy, this should be a go-to dish.

    3. Lasagna

    As a classic pasta dish, lasagna typically comes out well after spending time in the oven. It’s important to keep in mind that for microwavable frozen dinner ideas, manufacturers should prepare the pasta perfectly. If not, it could end up feeling over or undercooked. The best frozen dinner recipes in the pasta category direct the consumer to heat the dish in the oven.

    4. Beef, Chicken, or Veggie Burritos 

    One of the best parts of frozen burritos is that they easily keep their shape. Therefore, it’s easy to ship bulk quantities of them from the manufacturer to the recipient. As long as they’re kept in freezers or proper packaging, the integrity of the products will remain the same during transit. Plus, it’s the kind of product that manufacturers can diversify, as burrito recipes are endless.

    5. Macaroni and Cheese

    As one of the easiest dishes to fully prepare and freeze, macaroni and cheese is a simple frozen dinner idea for both manufacturers and consumers. While it’s certainly a more decadent meal than some of the others mentioned, it’s sure to be a best-seller. 

    Top Qualities of the Best Frozen Dinner Meals 

    There are numerous food distributors that package frozen meals. However, not all options are the same. Just like the variables that can impact freshly cooked meals, the best frozen dinner options share many of the same qualities. But what are they? See below for several commonalities among the best frozen dinner ideas circulating the market:

    • Nutritionally balanced meals 
    • The use of fresh ingredients
    • Dinners that come with sides
    • Organic and non-GMO ingredients
    • No seed oils, like soybean and safflower oil 

    Now that you’re familiar with what makes some frozen dinners better than others, it’s time to delve into popular trends. Check out the next section for insight on the topic at hand. 

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    Trends You Can Find In the Refrigerated and Frozen Aisles

    To capture the utmost amount of sales as possible, it’s important to leverage the power of selling trendy products. After all, many of them coincide with enticing perks, like convenience, health benefits, and unique flavor profiles. So, while something might be trending now, there’s a chance that it’ll become mainstream within the F&B space in the near future. Check out the following sections for some insight on the best frozen dinner trends and beyond.

    Boxed Lunch Trends 

    The ability to grab a pre packed lunch while rushing out the door is a convenient option that many brands offer. Unlike the best frozen dinner ideas, boxed lunches are made up of fresh ingredients. For instance, the best pre packaged lunches consist of things like dairy cheese, fruit, mixed nuts, and cold cuts. With that said, the best packaged lunch meat on the market is often a part of meal kits. In recent years, the following trends have become present amongst the best frozen lunches, as well as refrigerated options found in grocery stores:

    • Lunches that offer well-rounded nutrition
    • Kid-friendly lunches featuring pop culture characters
    • Seasonal ingredients, especially with fruit and veggies 
    • Convenient takes on popular foods, such as pizza

    Frozen Dinner Trends 

    Frozen dinner might just deliver the greatest sense of convenience of all the types of frozen and prepackaged meals. After all, dinner tends to consist of more components than any other meal. From the main course and sauces to side dishes, there can be a lot to prepare after a busy day. Below, you’ll find a handful of trends that are present among some of the best frozen dinner ideas:

    • Low calorie meals
    • Low sodium recipes
    • Gluten-free dinners
    • Vegan and vegetarian options 
    • Dishes with minimal cook times

    Frozen Dessert Trends 

    The best frozen desserts can vary tremendously, from decadent chocolate treats to light fruit parfaits. As a result, frozen dessert distributors must have a customer profile in mind when creating recipes. If not, they’ll be uncertain as to who they’re trying to target. If you’re operating a frozen dessert business or are researching the best frozen desserts to buy wholesale, keep the following trends in mind:

    • Keto-friendly options
    • Sugar-free desserts 
    • Ready-to-eat desserts  
    • Dishes sweetened with stevia

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Frozen Dinner 

    Frozen dinner options make up a fairly large portion of grocery aisles. So, whether you’re a manufacturer or a consumer, there’s much to learn. Check out the brief FAQ section below to discover more about the best frozen dinner brands and beyond.

    What Is the Best Frozen Dinner Brand?

    The best frozen dinner brand is probably Healthy Choice. Not only do they offer consumers a broad selection of recipes, but they’re fairly healthy. One of the best selling points of Healthy Choice frozen dinners is that they contain no preservatives. Simply microwave a bowl of food, and you’ll be minutes away from enjoying a balanced meal.

    What Are the Healthiest Frozen Dinners to Eat?

    Healthy Choice and Factor are some of the healthiest frozen dinners one can eat. They are made with fresh ingredients, along with minimal to no preservatives or filler ingredients.

    Are Frozen Dinners Better Than Fast Food?

    Frozen dinners are definitely better than fast food. It’s rare to find fast food restaurants that don’t use a lot of preservatives, processed oils, and dyes in their food. Meanwhile, the method of freezing meals can help preserve its quality. So, it’s not impossible to find frozen dinners that are nutritious.

    What Are the Best Non Dairy Frozen Desserts?

    The best non dairy frozen desserts include the following:

    • Sorbet 
    • Popsicles 
    • Dairy-free ice cream
    • Dairy-free frozen cakes

    Where Can I Buy Dinner and Dessert Packaging Wholesale?

    Suppliers can buy wholesale packaging from a distribution platform like BlueCart. Packaging vendors are able to sell various types of packages and shipping materials in bulk. Then, brands that manufacture and distribute foods like frozen dinner and dessert can buy what they need to package their goods for sale.

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    Purchase the Best Frozen Dinners Wholesale

    Supermarket franchises must stock up on the best frozen dinner products due to their popularity. The easiest way to do so is by using a wholesale distribution platform like BlueCart to purchase goods directly from the wholesalers in bulk. Want to learn more about our easy-to-use platform for inventory management and wholesale distribution services? Schedule a demo, and we’ll be in touch!

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