5 Best Dessert Packaging Wholesale Suppliers In 2024

Lauren Platero
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    It’s vital that you know where to acquire dessert packaging wholesale if you’re attempting to sell sweet treats. Whether you distribute frozen desserts to the masses through an eCommerce storefront or through a local brick and mortar grocery store, wholesale packaging is a must. 

    For one, the right packaging will provide the food with protection. It will also help maintain a cool temperature temporarily when items are removed from a freezer. All in all, it’s a necessity for transporting and selling frozen food. But before we take a look at various packaging suppliers, let’s go over the ideal clientele of various types of dessert packaging. Read on!

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    The Ideal Clientele of Dessert Packaging Wholesale Suppliers

    Dessert packaging wholesalers are important to more brands than you might think. It’s not just about the brands who have frozen desserts lining the shelves of frozen food aisles. Instead, freezer-friendly packaging is vital for various sectors of the supply chain.

    Let’s start with the manufacturers. Upon sourcing individual ingredients and preparing recipes in bulk, they need to package each product. In many cases, manufacturers will sell goods as white label products. These are the kinds of consumer goods that are sold to brands, where they go on to be marketed according to a particular company’s branding efforts.  

    So, when selling white label products, the packaging is kept to a minimum. However, some amount of packaging is necessary, even if it’s just simple plastic wrappers or cardboard cartons. 

    Then, you have the brands we know and love that purchase the white label products. Or, they may do all the food preparation themselves. Either way, these are the entities that need customizable packaging solutions. 

    Think of packaging materials like cake boxes, popsicle wrappers, and ice cream containers. Brands need to have access to marketplaces where they can pick and choose design options. After all, it’s these packaging displays that will capture the attention of countless shoppers.

    5 Dessert Packaging Wholesale Suppliers

    It’s impossible to sell frozen desserts without having the right packaging materials to pair with each product. Even if you go sell some of the best frozen lunches or the industry’s best frozen dinner brands, safe, secure, and attractive packaging is a must. Five of the best dessert packaging wholesale solutions include the following brands:

    1. WebstaurantStore
    2. Packlane 
    3. Uline
    4. Paper Mart 
    5. EcoEnclose

    If you offer more than frozen desserts, these wholesale packaging providers can accommodate far more than sweet treats. In fact, some of them even supply some of the best frozen dinner companies with packaging materials. Now, without further ado. Read on to learn more about each of them!

    1. WebstaurantStore

    It’s never been easier to keep your frozen dessert business stocked with the necessary supplies to package your products. That’s because WebstaurantStore has an entire catalog of products strictly dedicated to ice cream and frozen desserts. They even offer edible supplies, such as waffle cones, sprinkles, and other toppings.

    Food manufacturers and wholesale frozen dessert distributors can even source complete ingredient packs. For example, WebstaurantStore sells gelato and smoothie packs, among other easy-to-make recipes. The store also has a massive selection of packaging solutions for when products are in transit from point A to point B. And if you were in need of kitchen equipment, you can get that, too! From pans to refrigerators, WebstaurantStore truly has it all when it comes to food service.

    2. Packlane 

    If you're in the market to buy custom dessert packaging wholesale, look no further than Packlane. If you operate a dessert brand that sells items like frozen cakes or pies, Packlane is a great solution for boxes. Their designs incorporate a great deal of creativity while still remaining practical and logical. They even advertise that their SBS paperboard product boxes are great for chocolate! That sounds like the perfect dessert packaging wholesale option for cakes, ice cream bars, and more. 

    It's also worth noting that the design processes are entirely up to the client. So, no matter what kind of design you'd like to achieve, Packlane can bring your ideas to life. Their ability to design any kind of packaging is a gamechanger--especially for wholesalers sourcing white label products.

    3. Uline

    As a leader in the food and beverage industry for their wide selection of packaging solutions, Uline is a safe option. Brands can source dessert packaging wholesale, among other packaging types, too. So even if you distribute something like the best packaged lunch meat, they’ll have solutions for your business. 

    Uline is also well-recognized for their eco-friendly packaging solutions. Whether it be in regard to wholesale paper products like cake boxes or wrappers made from recycled plastic, there are many sustainable options. As you can imagine, Uline is a great packaging provider for eco-friendly restaurants. In many cases, sustainable restaurants and dessert brands will source ingredients with the planet in mind. But then when it comes to packaging, they choose the best option without taking sustainability into consideration. Luckily, Uline makes it easy to cover all your bases.

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    4. Paper Mart 

    From bakery boxes to plastic packaging, Paper Mart has everything you need to package your frozen desserts. They offer vibrant and high-quality packaging solutions that will surely suit your brand. Plus, each option can help draw customers in the process. 

    Paper Mart also has a wide selection of guides that will help their clients. For example, they currently offer a guide that teaches wholesalers all about shipping perishables. Not only is this the kind of resource that their customers will find valuable, but it pairs with their product line. If their clients are purchasing dessert packaging wholesale, they must be shipping products somewhere. 

    5. EcoEnclose

    From bags and pouches to stickers and labels, EcoEnclose offers a vast selection of dessert packaging wholesale solutions. It's important to note that they're suitable for sustainable companies with a variety of recyclable options. Plus EcoEnclose offers customization services to meet the needs and aesthetic of all the brands they work with.

    When it comes time to ship wholesale products, EcoEnclose has everything you need. Wholesalers can purchase packing boxes, shipping labels, and sealing tape. As a one-stop-shop for all your wholesale packaging needs, clients can likely get discounts when buying supplies in bulk.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Frozen Dessert Packaging Wholesale

    Want to learn more before purchasing dessert packaging wholesale? Check out the following selection of frequently asked questions for additional information:

    Where Can I Buy Dessert Packaging Wholesale?

    You can purchase dessert packaging wholesale by shopping from a food service supply company. Online retailers like Uline and WebstaurantStore offer professionals in the food and beverage space a wide range of products.

    Is It Better to Buy Dessert Packaging In Bulk?

    Yes, it’s much more cost-effective to buy dessert packaging wholesale in bulk quantities. In doing so, you’ll be able to save a substantial amount of money. After all, the sole purpose of purchasing goods in bulk is to cut the total cost–and to have ample inventory on hand, of course.

    Is Frozen Dessert Packaging Different From Regular Food Packaging?

    Yes, frozen dessert packaging is a bit different in that it’s sturdier than other materials. Frozen goods are susceptible to leaks, so it’s vital that the plastic and cardboard that you store various food products in aren’t at risk of rips and tears.

    Where Do Bakers Get Cake Boxes?

    Bakers acquire cake boxes by purchasing dessert packaging wholesale. There are numerous packaging suppliers that service the restaurant industry. So, there are many options to choose from.

    What Is a Bakery Box?

    A bakery box is a paper or cardboard collapsible box that can withstand the weight of a cake. It can also hold other sweet treats, such as pastries and cupcakes. The collapsible feature makes them easy to transport and store.

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