Best Frozen Dinner Brands On the Market In 2024

Lauren Platero
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    The best frozen dinner brands line the shelves in almost every grocery store’s frozen food aisles. They’re also some of the best-selling wholesale products distributed by eCommerce stores. In this day and age, most consumers live super busy lives. Meanwhile, others are often seeking ways to eat a balanced diet while keeping their spending to a minimum. 

    But what if we told you that you can obtain both? That’s right–despite the not-so-great reputation held by many pre-packaged food companies, there are some promising ones on the market. Chances are, your local grocery store sells a variety of them. In this article, we’re going to discuss several options. Read on!

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    The Convenience of Purchasing the Best Frozen Dinner Brands

    The best frozen dinner brands make it super easy to serve tasty and nutritious meals. Typically, there are three ways of preparing such dishes. These methods include:

    1. Heating up the dish in the microwave.
    2. Cooking the dish in a conventional oven.
    3. Using a pan to thoroughly heat the food.

    With frozen dishes, you don’t even need to worry about washing dishes, glassware, and utensils. Bear in mind that the best frozen dinner brands on the market use recycled plastic packaging to keep tossing away the containers completely guilt-free. 

    Then, shortly after dinner, you can top off the convenience factor with one of the best frozen desserts! Many frozen dessert business entities and wholesale frozen dessert distributors sell sweet treats to eCommerce and grocery stores. They all acquire dessert packaging wholesale so that the recipes maintain their integrity while frozen. Even the best non dairy frozen desserts and emerging frozen dessert trends are convenient, as the most you’ll have to do is let the items defrost.

    The Best Frozen Dinner Brands In the U.S.

    Did you know that some of the best frozen dinner brands also offer some of the best frozen lunches? Plus, they’ll be even simpler than dishes that call for the best packaged lunch meat. It doesn’t get more convenient than that! 

    While some of the brands below carry meat and vegetables, others go as far as sourcing bulk fish varieties. Now, without further ado, take a look at some of the best frozen dinner brands below to learn more about each of them.

    Healthy Choice 

    Headquarters: Elmsford, New York

    If you're searching for one of the best frozen dinner brands on the market, look no further than Healthy Choice. You can probably tell just by the name that this brand prioritizes wellness. Not only do they create healthy options, but they worked with the FDA to come up with a set of guidelines that foods must meet to be considered "healthy." They employ numerous types of chefs to ensure delicious meals with stellar nutritional value. The best part? Their sustainability efforts drastically cut down on plastic usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

    Healthy Choice’s Best Sellers 

    • Sweet and Sour Chicken
    • Korean-Inspired Beef Power Bowl
    • Beef Merlot With Potatoes and Veggies 
    • Italian Chicken, Sausage, and Peppers Power Bowl
    • Grilled Chicken Parmesan With Marinara Sauce


    Headquarters: Petaluma, California

    Some of the best farmers and wholesale suppliers come together to produce Amy's frozen meals. Amy's recipes prioritize the use of organic meat and fresh produce. Plus, their dinners undergo as minimal processing as possible. As a result, they're definitely one of the healthiest and best frozen dinner brands on the market. From complete entree food to wraps and pizza, there's certainly something for everyone.

    Amy’s Best Sellers 

    • Country Cheddar Bowl
    • Mexican Casserole Bowl
    • Vegan Spinach & Cheese Ravioli
    • Enchilada with Spanish Rice & Beans
    • Brown Rice, Black-Eyed Peas, and Veggie Bowl

    Factor 75

    Headquarters: Batavia, Illinois

    As one of the nation’s leading frozen subscription services, Factor 75 makes it easy for Americans to live a healthy and convenient lifestyle. Customers can schedule a reorder point to receive a select number of meals on a recurring basis. The best part? Factor 75 regularly changes their menu types. In doing so, customers are never at risk of getting tired of their meals. Combine that with nutritious recipes, and it’s no wonder that they’re a leader in the frozen meals sector of the food and beverage industry.

    Factor 75’s Best Sellers 

    • Shredded Chicken Taco Bowl
    • Wild Mushroom Filet Mignon
    • Roasted Red Pepper Tortellini & Italian Sausage
    • Cheesy Bacon Ranch Shredded Chicken
    • Creamy Whole-Grain Mustard Pork Chop
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    Evol Foods

    Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado

    Caring about what you eat is important. After all, the ingredients you consume will reflect in your daily life, from energy levels to gut health. Evol doesn't add any harmful chemicals to their meals. Plus, all of their meat products come from livestock that never ingest antibiotics and are never exposed to pesticides. Between the health-conscious efforts Evol makes to their wide selection of recipes, they're easily one of the best frozen dinner brands on the market.

    Evol’s Best Sellers 

    • Fire Grilled Steak Bowl
    • Chicken Enchilada Bake
    • Butternut Squash and Sage Ravioli
    • Truffle Parmesan Mac and Cheese
    • Portobello and Goat Cheese Ravioli

    Wild Side Seafood

    Headquarters: Dallas, Texas 

    Seafood dishes aren’t super common when strolling down the frozen food aisle. However, that doesn’t stop Wild Side Seafood from being one of the best frozen dinner brands in the game. In fact, they source wholesale seafood from some of the best seafood distribution channels to ensure sustainably-sourced products. Plus, cooking seafood isn't everyone’s forte. So, this is an easy way to dabble within the seafood industry.

    Wild Side Seafood’s Best Sellers

    • Bourbon-Glazed Cod
    • Tuscan Style Salmon
    • Argentinian Red Shrimp Mac and Cheese
    • Chipotle Agave Shrimp
    • Green Chile Shrimp Alfredo

    Primal Kitchen

    Headquarters: Oxnard, California

    Clean ingredient lists that include no seed oils are popular now more than ever. Consumers are growing increasingly aware of the processed ingredients in many popular foods. As a result, they’re willing to spend the extra money on brands that use healthy oils and beyond. Primal Kitchen is a constant pioneer in the food industry by offering various types of condiments with clean ingredients. After all, condiments are much more processed than one might assume. Luckily, they also sell a number of different frozen dinner options adhering to the same guidelines.

    Primal Kitchen’s Best Sellers 

    • Beef and Mushroom Bowl
    • Chicken Pesto Bowl
    • Chicken Teriyaki Skillet
    • Chicken Fried Riced Cauliflower
    • Grass-Fed Beef with Peppers and Onions

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Frozen Dinner Brands 

    As you can see, some of the best frozen dinner brands are household names. Want to learn a bit more about them? Review the brief FAQ section before for additional insight regarding the best frozen dinner brands in the United States. 

    What Are Some of the Best Frozen Dinner Brands?

    Some of the best frozen dinner brands include:

    • Factor 75
    • Healthy Choice 
    • Primal Kitchen
    • Amy’s Kitchen
    • Evol Foods

    What Are the Best Frozen Dinner Brands for Vegans?

    Some of the best frozen dinner brands for vegans include:

    • Gardein 
    • Impossible 
    • Wicked Kitchen
    • Cedarlane Foods
    • Purple Carrot

    What Company Sells the Most Frozen Dinners?

    The company that sells the most frozen dinners is Stouffer’s. Back in 2022, they sold a little over $191 million dollars worth of frozen dinners during a 12-week period just in the United States alone. That’s a lot of dinners!

    Which Is Better, Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice?

    Healthy Choice is arguably the better option when compared to Lean Cuisine. From the balanced recipes and organic ingredients, it’s usually one of the safest options. 

    Are Frozen Dinners Healthier Than Fast Food Restaurants?

    Yes, if made with organic ingredients, frozen meals are healthier than fast food. Most fast food contains chemicals and nasty preservatives, while most ready-to-eat meal providers rely on freezing temperatures and sodium to preserve their dishes.

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