16 Best Frozen Desserts to Buy and Sell Wholesale In 2024

Lauren Platero
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    Frozen desserts are massive money-makers in the restaurant and grocery sectors. So, frozen sweet treats should certainly be among the wholesale products that dessert brands buy and sell in bulk. 

    Besides, many wholesale distribution companies in the food and beverage industry already sell some of the best frozen lunches, the best packaged lunch meat, and ready-to-serve dinners. So, why not create a frozen dessert business as an extension of an already lucrative venture? Read on for all the frozen dessert inspiration!

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    6 Best Frozen Desserts

    More often than not, there’s a frozen dessert selection right down the aisle from some of the best frozen dinner options. But which options are the best? Which options will generate high profits when distributing them wholesale? See below for several ideas:

    1. Ice Cream: A classic that you can find everywhere, from restaurants to grocery stores. Don’t forget to get innovative with the flavor options! 
    2. Frozen Yogurt: If you’re looking to buy or sell an ice cream alternative with lower fat, frozen yogurt is your best option. While both products are quite similar, they share a couple of differences. Yogurt tends to have a tangier flavor profile, so there is often a higher sugar content. However, yogurt recipes made from vegan milk, such as almond or coconut milk, can combat any sour flavors. Then, they won’t require as much sugar.
    3. Ice Cream Cake: As a birthday staple, many consumers opt for ice cream cake. After all, it offers party-goers the best of both desserts. To set yourself apart from product leaders like Carvel, distribute ice cream cakes of various flavor combinations. 
    4. Frozen Pie: That’s right–despite the strong association between pies and fresh-out-of-the-oven desserts, you can purchase them frozen. Some brands create recipes that the customer must thaw before consumption, while others sell frozen pies that are ready to bake. These options are perfect for simplicity and convenience. 
    5. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries: While chocolate-covered strawberries are served at room temperature, they can be kept frozen. As a fan favorite across the board, this is one of the few desserts that wholesale frozen dessert distributors can market as upscale. And if any of the best frozen dinner brands or subscription services want to pair desserts with their main courses, this is a great option.
    6. Cool Whip: While it’s not exactly a dessert on its own, it pairs deliciously with many sweet treats. Consumers can find this dessert topping in the frozen aisle, so be sure to create similar products and alternatives to attract the utmost number of customers.

    6 Best Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts 

    There is a huge market of consumers who stay away from dairy products, such as milk, eggs, and butter. However, that doesn’t limit the amount of frozen dessert options that they can enjoy. Here are a handful of desserts that can easily be made without dairy:

    1. Dairy-free frozen yogurt 
    2. Fruit-flavored popsicles 
    3. Sorbet of various fruit flavors
    4. Dairy-free ice cream flavors
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    6 Emerging Frozen Dessert Trends to Look Out For 

    Every brand has the ability to implement product differentiation when new trends emerge. Whether recipes become popular due to social media personalities or well-known restaurant brands, they can soar. Every now and then, new dessert ideas pop up, so keep your eyes and ears open! See below for some of the newer frozen dessert trends:

    1. Keto Ice Cream: The ketogenic diet has been all the rage for several years now. So, while it might not contribute to the trendiest food items available, they still stem from a niche market. By replacing dairy products with heavy cream and sweeteners with stevia, it’s fairly easy to turn a good ol’ classic ice cream into a keto-friendly frozen dessert. 
    2. Frozen Fruit Skewers: Serving fruit on a skewer is a super simple way to consume it. Plus, it makes for a healthy and delicious dessert. While fruit skewers are often eaten at cool to room temperature, they can be kept frozen for quite a while. Whether you’re in need of a dessert for a summer barbeque or something simple for the kids, fruit skewers are ideal. 
    3. Diet-Friendly Desserts: There are numerous reasons as to why consumers may stray away from popular dessert items in the frozen aisle. Creating desserts that cater to nut-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free diets is a great way to establish  a more inclusive brand. It’s also advisable to take conditions like celiac disease into consideration.
    4. Mochi: Inspired by Japanese cuisine, Mochi is becoming increasingly popular across the world. In most countries beyond Asia, the filling brands opt for is ice cream. It is wrapped in a rice dough, completely encapsulating the ice cream (or other filling) in a spherical shape.
    5. Pudding Pops: Similar to ice cream pops, many frozen dessert brands are branching out and creating trendy versions made with pudding. The smooth texture of the pudding contributes to a creamy consistency that is enjoyable by almost everyone. Plus, there are ways of making them where they don’t contain as many calories as traditional ice cream bars. 
    6. Smoothie Bowls: One thing that all smoothie bowls have in common is that they contain a frozen base. Whether it be an acai or coconut blend, consumers are now able to purchase them already made. Then, all they have to do is let the bowls defrost a bit and add their favorite toppings. If you really want to go the extra mile, sell frozen smoothie bowls that include everything that goes on top.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Frozen Desserts

    Despite the popularity of frozen desserts, there is still so much more to learn! Read more about the frozen desserts sector of the packaged food industry below:

    What Are Some Examples of Frozen Desserts?

    Some examples of frozen desserts include:

    • Sorbet
    • Ice cream
    • Popsicles 
    • Ice cream cake
    • Ice cream bars

    What Are the Best Frozen Desserts?

    The best frozen desserts are items like ice cream, pre-packaged cake, and sorbet. The purpose of freezing any kind of food is to deliver a sense of convenience upon serving it. So, anything that you can consume straight out of the freezer or shortly after defrosting it should be a high-selling product.

    What Is the Most Popular Frozen Dessert?

    The most popular frozen dessert is ice cream. Not only do most grocery stores and restaurants offer it, but it’s popular in almost every country. While international cuisines can vary from one country to the next, ice cream is a staple across the globe. Plus, it’s one of the few dishes that can sustain success at brick and mortar businesses.

    Are Frozen Dairy Desserts Bad For You?

    Frozen desserts aren’t necessarily bad for you when eaten in moderation. It’s also worth noting that the ingredients in frozen desserts can vary tremendously. While some food manufacturers strive to make frozen desserts with nutritious ingredients, others do not.

    Are Frozen Desserts Healthy?

    While some frozen desserts are healthy, others are not–it all depends on the ingredients. For example, something like fruit sorbet with no additional sugar may be a healthy alternative to most sweet treats. Meanwhile, an ice cream that contains a ton of heavy cream, sugar, and chocolate will be very far from your healthiest option. 

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    Something Sweet for Everyone

    Frozen dessert manufacturers have the potential to run lucrative and thriving businesses. Meanwhile, brands that want to sell wholesale frozen desserts to retailers have endless opportunities to profit from top-selling products. That’s because in this day and age, there are products on the market that can accommodate every dietary preference and restriction. But where can food companies buy and sell frozen desserts?

    With an app like BlueCart, buyers and sellers within the wholesale market can connect in a simple app. While sellers can manage route optimization efforts when orders are in transit, shoppers can track par levels in a flash. Plus, manufacturers and wholesalers can even purchase dessert packaging wholesale through the app. These features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many ways BlueCart can empower your wholesale business. Want to learn about the whole platform? Book a demo with us to discover everything there is to know!

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