eCommerce Skills Needed to Succeed In 2022 and Beyond

Joshua Weatherwax
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    Whether you've picked one of the best eCommerce business ideas and decided you're starting an eCommerce business or you're just looking to get hired as an eCommerce manager, there are a few skills you need.

    From tracking eCommerce KPIs to listing high demand products to ensuring customer satisfaction, a lot goes into an eCommerce business. If you know the skills needed from the get-go, you'll have a better chance of success.

    Read on to learn the most common skills needed for eCommerce, some specialized skills based on role, and the most common questions about eCommerce skills.

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    Skills Needed For eCommerce

    General retail skills and eCommerce skills have a lot of overlap, but they aren't exactly the same. Many retail skills involve direct interaction and customer service, but they don't necessarily work for eCommerce. There are two types of skills needed for eCommerce: soft skills and hard skills. You'll need a mix of these whether you're looking to become an eCommerce manager, order management specialist, inventory control manager who handles types of inventory, or something else.

    Soft skills are less definable than hard skills and include things like interpersonal skills, behavior, personality, and more. They are also some of the most important skills to have and build the base from which you can gain new skills. Patience and the ability to help customers directly are the most important skills to ensure the business can succeed, and you can keep the job.

    Hard skills are skills that you earn through hard work and training. They are also the most technical skills and set apart beginners and veterans. Think skills like language proficiency, analytical mathematics, web design, or SEO knowledge. These skills don't come naturally, but learning them is key to helping the business scale with customer demand.

    eCommerce Developer Skills

    eCommerce developers require the most technical skills of any eCommerce career. This role involves building, maintaining, and optimizing an eCommerce website, so the requirements tend to be more defined than other roles.

    Here are the most important eCommerce developer skills:

    • Website Design. Unsurprisingly, one of the most valuable skills an eCommerce developer can have is the ability to build a functional and user-friendly eCommerce website. Even if they have a background in using a dropshipping website builder, or subscription website builder, they can easily make some of the best dropshipping websites with a little practice. The website design of your eCommerce site should make it simple to accept multiple forms of payment, including ACH payment.
    • SEO Knowledge. Once a website is built, it needs to be able to rank in search engines if you're going to draw in customers. An eCommerce developer should understand how SEO works and some best practices to use to get a site ranking. This includes both technical SEO and off-page SEO techniques.
    • Data Analysis. Finally, an eCommerce developer must have a good understanding of data and how to use it. This means they should be able to break it down into simple terms for leadership and act on it to help the business succeed. This data can even be used by shipping and handling providers, 3PL companies, marketers, warehouse inventory management software, and those learning how to manage a warehouse.

    eCommerce Executive Skills

    An eCommerce executive is not too dissimilar from other executives, and they mainly require a high level of soft skills and dedication. These are the two main skills an eCommerce executive needs for success:

    Leadership Qualities

    All eCommerce managers need to be able to lead and communicate effectively. Dealing with interpersonal issues and knowing how to explain the marketing strategy is key. While many skills can easily be learned, leadership is more difficult, so this is a great selling point on your resume.

    Knowledge of eCommerce Trends

    Staying on top of eCommerce trends is a great way to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Showing that you believe in learning new things and are adaptable can emphasize your value to the business. Look into acquiring certifications or taking courses, so you have tangible evidence of this skill.

    eCommerce Marketing Skills

    Arguably one of the most important roles in an eCommerce business, eCommerce marketers need to have a wide range of soft and hard skills. Investing in eCommerce marketing is a great way to increase eCommerce sales, so most employers are very particular in this area.

    Here are the most important eCommerce marketing skills:

    • Email Marketing. Often overlooked, email marketing is still the single best-converting type of marketing. A good eCommerce marketer will be able to create email marketing campaigns that increase sales and have a cohesive brand message. Even better, they may use eCommerce marketing automation to streamline your team's workflow and save the company money.
    • Paid Advertising. Possibly the biggest driver of web traffic, paid eCommerce PPC advertising is the cornerstone of most eCommerce business marketing plans. If you don't have experience in this sphere, you can take a few eCommerce courses to sharpen your skills. The most important part is understanding your budget and using it wisely.
    • SEO Knowledge. Just like the web developer, an eCommerce marketing specialist must have a firm grasp of SEO. However, in this case, it’s on-page and content SEO best practices are needed. Otherwise, all of the hard work that goes into creating blog posts and webpage content will be wasted when you don't rank.

    Frequently Asked Questions about eCommerce Skills Needed to Succeed

    The eCommerce industry continues to grow each year and this means more workers are needed to help serve this growing market. This also means that there are a lot of questions from hopeful workers about the skills they need and can highlight on their resumes.

    To help demystify these skills, we've pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions about important eCommerce skills. Take a look at the questions with our answers below: 

    What Is eCommerce Job Description?

    An eCommerce job description describes a role and skills needed to help facilitate eCommerce sales. These jobs can range from executive leadership to customer service to order management. The job description will help attract relevant applicants and explain the role in clear detail.

    Is eCommerce a Good Career?

    Yes, eCommerce can be a very good career. However, you still need to work hard to ensure success. Many people falsely believe that eCommerce careers will be less work than more traditional roles, but anyone involved in dropshipping or selling through an online marketplace app knows it takes dedication.

    How Do I Get a Job In eCommerce?

    There are two ways to get a job in eCommerce; searching online job boards or starting your own eCommerce business. If you're looking to work for another company, the key is to create a short, but effective resume and do your research about their business. If you're looking for more control, you can easily start your own business. Check out our eCommerce business guide for more tips.

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    A View to a Skill

    Succeeding in an eCommerce role requires a mix of soft and hard skills, but with training and effort, you can develop yourself and grow. Don't be afraid to expand into new areas and learn new things.

    If you're looking to grow an eCommerce business quickly and sustainably, BlueCart is the best tool for you. It's an all-in-one online marketplace that helps businesses make wholesale sales, acquire new customers, and grow their bottom line.

    We also recommend checking out some of the best eCommerce books and an eCommerce blog or two to give you insight into some of the new technologies and trends you can use to grow your skills.

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