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Lauren Platero
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    Frozen fruit wholesalers supply the world's leading retailers and eateries with some of the most nutritious ingredients. It’s nearly impossible to find a grocery store that doesn't carry frozen fruit. Meanwhile, many eateries regularly use it for healthy food trends and frozen desserts. 

    When browsing through a wholesale directory, it can be challenging to select a supplier for wholesale frozen fruit. There are many companies competing for the top spot, which means that it can be difficult to distinguish the differences between them. 

    In this article, we’re going to help you narrow down your search by covering the top ten frozen fruit wholesalers. Then, we’ll outline a brief overview of the qualities that earned them a spot on our list.

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    What Are Frozen Fruit Wholesalers?

    Frozen fruit wholesalers are companies that source frozen fruit in bulk and sell it to grocery stores and restaurants. They purchase all their frozen fruit from farmers, growers, and manufacturing companies. Picture them as the middleman in the food supply chain. Frozen fruit wholesalers source their products from the very top, then distribute it to the entities that sell it to the consumer. 

    Top 10 Frozen Fruit Wholesalers

    Frozen fruit wholesalers are major players within food distribution channels. They’re all fairly similar when it comes to connecting suppliers and customers. However, most of them have a unique value proposition. See below for ten of the best frozen fruit wholesalers:

    1, Welch’s

    Juice and fruit snacks are popular items made by Welch's. But did you know that they also supply frozen fruit products? That's right--from berry blends to other fruit varieties, they offer a vast selection. 

    If you purchase grape juice in bulk, Welch's is the leading brand for it. So, consider using it alongside their frozen fruit options for unique recipes while operating a restaurant business. But if you're stocking the shelves of a grocery store, Welch's should still be a go-to option for its popularity among consumers.

    2. Dole Food Company

    Right next to Welch’s is another industry giant when it comes to frozen fruit and related products. Not only is Dole one of the best frozen fruit wholesalers in the United States, but across the world. They supply restaurants and retailers with premium fruits in vast selections. 

    Dole also sources wholesale frozen vegetables. You may have noticed this in their selection of smoothie blends that contain spinach. As a result, they make it easy for businesses to offer their customers an all-in-one frozen food product.

    3. Wyman’s Of Maine

    One of the best aspects of Wyman's of Maine is that they harvest their fruit from fields and barrens owned by the company. Therefore, they have full control over things like using fertilizers, rejecting the production of GMOs, and other agricultural practices.

    While Wyman's of Maine is most notably recognized for frozen blueberries, they offer others fruits as well. However, if you'd like the best berries across the board, Wyman's is one of the best frozen fruit wholesalers for your business.

    4. Nature’s Touch 

    If you're searching for frozen fruit wholesalers that can also ship you frozen veggies, Nature's Touch is certainly worth looking into. Like other leading food suppliers, they source their produce from around the world. As a result, they source goods from where they're in season. As a result, their clientele receives the best products on the market. 

    The best part? They ship to customers worldwide! So, every business can provide their customers with the best ingredients around. 

    5. SunOpta

    If you want to prioritize organic and non-GMO frozen fruit wholesalers, SunOpta should be on your radar. They source, process, and distribute fruit to their customers ensuring optimal quality and nutritional value. Many frozen fruit wholesalers source fresh produce from growers that use toxic chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. In doing so, they don't offer recipients the utmost nutrition and health benefits. Luckily, you can feel confident when purchasing from SunOpta, you're getting only the best.

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    6. Oregon Fruit Products

    From the extensive variety of frozen fruit wholesalers on the market, it's no surprise that frozen fruits are high demand products. However, there are many restaurants and grocery stores that also purchase fruit purees and fillings in bulk. If you want a one-stop-shop for all your fruit essentials, Oregon Fruit Products might be best for you. 

    Pies, baby food, and smoothie bowls are just three of countless options that use liquified fruit products. Then, you have mixed drink recipes like the classic vodka strawberry lemonade that uses pureed strawberries. While you might not imagine a bar staff placing orders from frozen fruit wholesalers, they sure can if they offer the right products. Now that is a prime example of how there are benefits in product diversification!

    7. Sunsweet Growers 

    One fruit in particular that Sunsweet Growers produces in California is prunes. So if you operate a retail brand that sells prune juice or foods containing this fruit, Sunsweet might be a great wholesaler. 

    But what if you need to purchase more than prunes? No problem! Sunsweet Growers offers an extensive variety of other frozen fruits. A handful of examples from their product line include cherries, tropical fruit combos, and berries.

    8. Cascadian Farm Organic 

    Certified organic fruits and vegetables is at the core of Cascadian Farm Organic's mission. After all, it's right there in the name! They offer wholesale customers a wide variety of both types of produce. Therefore, everything they stock their inventory storage with can be healthy, nutritious, and safe for consumption.

    9. Sunrise Growers

    Trust and ethics are at the core of many grocers and restaurant owners. So, it's important to find frozen fruit wholesalers that focus on sustainably sourced produce. Not only does Sunrise Grower source each of their fruits from trusted growers, but they obtain them from across the globe. 

    Sourcing produce globally lets the wholesaler purchase the best possible selections. There are some regions that grow better quality fruits than others. Meanwhile, climate differences can drastically affect the quality of a particular fruit. So during the winter months in the U.S. when certain fruits aren't in season, no worries! Just purchase your inventory from a frozen fruit wholesaler like Sunrise Growers. They can source varieties from tropical regions. Two types of fruits that they sell wholesale are mangoes and cherries, which any retailer or business can profit from all year long.

    10. Tree Top

    While fruit purees have their purpose in many recipes, fruit concentrates are a category on their own. That's one of Tree Top's specialties, alongside frozen fruit and more. But why might you need to purchase fruit concentrate in bulk from frozen fruit wholesalers? Well, there are two primary reasons. 

    Due to the high concentration of flavors and aromas, fruit concentrates are used in recipes for their scent and taste. It's not so much about the nutritional value of a fruit. Take refreshing summer cocktails for example. You're not adding passion fruit concentrate to a recipe for the vitamins and minerals, but for the flavor. Another way to think of its purpose is similarly to the way extracts are used in baked goods. 

    Health food stores might also carry fruit concentrates. For instance, many vitamin stores carry tart cherry concentrate for its antioxidants. This is just one of many examples of why nutrition retailers may buy from fresh and frozen fruit wholesalers.

    Qualities of Profitable Frozen Fruit Wholesalers

    All of the wholesale companies listed above are leaders in the food industry. So what do all of these frozen fruit wholesalers have in common? See below for various features associated with these companies:

    • The top frozen fruit suppliers offer customers a wide range of organic options. Many people worldwide are steering clear of toxic chemicals, so selling organic alternatives is a great selling point. 
    • They source their ingredients from white label fruit suppliers. Doing so provides them with a variety, as private label frozen fruit suppliers have exclusive deals with certain businesses.
    • Successful frozen fruit wholesalers are knowledgeable about the frozen fruit vs fresh fruit debate. Is frozen fruit as healthy as fresh fruit? Yes, and these companies take proper precautions to maintain freezing temperatures and to protect the integrity of their products. 
    • The best frozen fruit wholesalers in the industry execute proper cold chain logistics practices. In doing so, they are able to ship products while maintaining the quality of their produce. 
    • Speaking of shipping products, leading frozen fruit wholesalers invest in sturdy and flexible packaging and shipping containers. There’s less of a risk of punctures and tears in bags, which does not result in discarded inventory. 
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    Access a Directory of Frozen Fruit Wholesalers

    If you’re a business owner or upper-level executive who needs to stock up on frozen fruit, purchasing it from a wholesaler will be your best bet. Not just for the selection, but for your bank account. By using an app like BlueCart, customers can connect with suppliers for easy and efficient inventory management

    From customizable catalogs for easy order management to the ability to schedule a reorder point for each one, we make it as easy as 1-2-3 to take inventory. Oh, and let’s not forget about the numerous other features for wholesalers or sellers, depending on the side of the coin you’re on. If you’d like to see an overview of the entire platform, schedule a demo with us today!

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