Frozen Yogurt Business Ideas and Other Startup Opportunities

Nick Mirev
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    Frozen yogurt is among the favorite desserts for people of all ages. That’s why starting a business in this field can be a lucrative endeavor. The market is constantly changing and entrepreneurs need to adapt to these industry evolutions in order to be successful. In this blog post, we’ll share details on how to start a frozen yogurt business. Make sure to check other topical articles like the ones about the cost of opening an ice cream shop, what is dairy, and the costs and risks of opening a business.

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    Frozen Yogurt Business Ideas

    Frozen Yogurt Shop

    Naturally, this is one of the most popular frozen yogurt business ideas. These shops are usually in shopping centers or other areas with a lot of retailers and customers. A frozen yogurt business usually offers a wide range of flavors that can be combined with various toppings. Thanks to innovations in the field of business automation, the majority of frozen yogurt shops are self-serving. This allows businesses to reduce their labor costs and maximize profits. When it comes to starting a frozen yogurt shop, location is one of the most important aspects. The place should be picked based on how many potential customers pass nearby. Traditionally, frozen yogurt is served in cardboard or plastic single-use containers. One of the trends in the field is investing in sustainable containers made of biodegradable materials. Although they usually come at a higher price, this can attract environmentally-conscious customers.

    Mobile Frozen Yogurt Truck

    The most suitable places for these trucks are those that gather large crowds of people. Parks, festivals, and concert venues are good examples. The main benefit of mobile trucks is that they are not bound to a certain place. Instead, the owner of such a frozen yogurt business can move the truck to a different location. If you’re considering investing in a mobile frozen yogurt truck, keep in mind that regulations in different states and counties need to be taken into account. 

    Similar to frozen yogurt shops, trucks can be self-serving. This makes them especially suitable for business owners who have another similar business. For example, if you have an ice cream truck and you visit festivals with it, you can also invest in a self-service frozen yogurt truck and place it near your stand. Make sure to find reliable dairy distributors or suppliers of wholesale yogurt in the states or counties you visit.

    Frozen Yogurt Subscription Box

    A lot of people enjoy frozen yogurt. They are the right audience of potential customers for frozen yogurt subscription boxes. Subscription boxes are becoming more popular thanks to the busy lifestyle of many people. You can send people the ingredients alongside instructions on how to make their own frozen yogurt. Keep in mind that a lot of young people might be interested in trying different varieties of frozen yogurt. Thus, make sure to include a diverse range of toppings and flavors as well as frozen yogurt made of vegan milk.

    Key takeaway: The most popular frozen yogurt businesses to start are a shop or a mobile frozen yogurt truck. The cost of starting such a business can be fairly low. Instead of starting from zero, you can choose to pay franchise fees to a well-known frozen yogurt business. This will give you the know-how and a marketing boost.
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    How to Start a Frozen Yogurt Business in 5 Steps

    1. Do a thorough research. Start by analyzing the market and the demand for frozen yogurt desserts. A very important part of the research process is picking a suitable place. Proximity to proximity to parks, retail stores, and other businesses is very important. Other areas with high foot traffic are suitable too.
      If during the research process, you discover that this is a suitable business to start, make sure to also create a business plan. It should include financial projections, ways of acquiring the needed capital, a risk management plan, and other important aspects.
    2. Find suppliers. Establishing lasting relationships with trustworthy suppliers is crucial. You need to find a yogurt and dairy wholesale supplier, equipment distributor, and vendor who sells other needed ingredients such as toppings and sprinkles. If you plan to start a mobile frozen yogurt business, make sure the suppliers you work with cover all areas where you plan to do business. Alternatively, you can work with multiple distributors from different areas.
    3. Develop a price strategy and a menu. A frozen yogurt business usually offers a couple of flavor options that can be combined with different toppings or other ingredients such as chocolate chips. Frozen yogurt is among the high-demand products in the dessert industry. That’s why there are innovations in this field as well. Things like protein powder frozen yogurt or matcha powder frozen yogurt can have high demand and low supply. When choosing the right prices, use your market research as a reference point. Consider offering discounts and special offers.
    4. Focus on marketing. Make sure you combine both offline and online marketing channels. The marketing strategy will depend a lot on the type of frozen yogurt business. A potential marketing technique for such businesses is to organize events for kids or whole families. These events can be related to making frozen yogurt or how yogurt is made. A frozen yogurt art contest is also a potential event idea that might become viral online.
    5. Gather feedback, adapt, and optimize the business. Companies in the food service and restaurant industry need to constantly adapt to the changing business environment. Two of the ways for this are to get feedback from customers and to stay in the loop with innovations. That will allow you to spot opportunities much quicker. Make sure you also optimize various business processes that will help you cut costs and increase profit margins.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Frozen Yogurt Business Opportunities

    Frozen yogurt is a beloved dessert for many. If you’re interested in starting a business in that niche, you might have various questions. The BlueCart team has answered some of the popular ones below.

    Is Running a Frozen Yogurt Business Profitable?

    Yes. In fact, the profit margin of frozen yogurt products can be higher compared to other dairy products. That’s especially true for frozen yogurt alternatives made from plant-based milk. As the demand for these products increases rapidly, they usually come at a higher price. The profit margin of frozen yogurt businesses is around 25%. It depends on various factors such as location and pricing strategy. 

    Can You Buy an Established Frozen Yogurt Business?

    Yes. In fact, people who have the money but not the time to develop a company might prefer to buy an established frozen yogurt business. There are multiple websites that connect business owners who wish to sell their establishments to potential buyers. Alternatively, you can start your company by signing up for a franchise with some of the known brands in the field. They will share their processes and know-how. These include frozen yogurt recipes, marketing materials, and other vital parts of a successful frozen yogurt business.

    What Is the State of the Frozen Yogurt Market?

    Currently, the frozen yogurt market is rising. Although the industry took a hit during Covid, sales and revenue have increased in recent years. The main factor for that rise is the increased popularity of low-fat and low-sugar desserts. The wide range of flavors and toppings also make frozen yogurt businesses appeal to the preferences of a broad audience. Additionally, the health benefits of yogurt like probiotics are another reason why this dessert has increased its market share and is slowly replacing other well-known options such as ice cream.

    Rising concerns about the high sugar content in some frozen yogurt types can cause potential troubles for frozen yogurt businesses.

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