Yogurt Alternatives: Dairy-Free Yogurt Goods and Their Pros

Nick Mirev
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    Yogurt has been a well-known product for many years. Its versatility as an ingredient and the multiple health benefits of yogurt make it a high-demand product in grocery stores. The recent developments in the food and beverage industry have also led to changes in the yogurt market. Currently, one of the main driving factors for the growth of yogurt consumption is the popularity of products made from plant-based milk. These non-dairy yogurt alternatives can be used in a variety of yogurt recipes as well as by frozen yogurt businesses. Companies that closely follow the trends in demand strive to benefit from the rising popularity of non-dairy yogurt and other vegan products. In this article, we’ll share some details about the common yogurt alternatives and how businesses can benefit from them. Make sure to also check our posts on what is dairy and dairy farming.

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    Most Popular Non-Dairy Yogurt Alternatives

    There are a lot of different dairy-free yogurt alternatives on the market today. These products are primarily bought by vegan customers but some of them are also used in recipes that are not completely vegan. The reason for this is that these yogurt alternatives have a different flavor compared to regular types of yogurt.

    Almond Yogurt

    As it is made from almond milk, this option has a slightly nutty flavor compared to regular yogurt. It is one of the most popular yogurt alternatives and most wholesale dairy distributors offer it in their catalogs. It’s suitable for both sweet and savory dishes. Almond milk yogurt can also be an ingredient in healthy beverages such as smoothies.

    Coconut Yogurt

    The rich texture of this yogurt alternative is complemented by the slightly sweet taste of coconuts. It’s creamy and works well as an ingredient in desserts. Coconut yogurt can also be used for savory recipes of dishes from Thai or other Southeast Asian cuisine.

    Soy Yogurt

    You can also find these products being marketed as soygurt or yofu (blend word from yogurt and tofu). Non-dairy products made of soy are among the earliest ones. Therefore, soy yogurt is probably the oldest vegan yogurt alternative. It can be bought both plain and flavored.

    Cashew Yogurt

    Non-dairy products made from cashews have risen in popularity in the last decade. The sweet flavor and creamy consistency of yogurt made from cashew milk make it excellent to mix with fruits or whole-grain breakfast options.

    Other Non-Dairy Yogurt Alternatives

    The niche market of non-dairy yogurt products offers other less popular alternatives. These include yogurt made from rice milk, oat milk, and even milk from hemp seeds.

    Key takeaway: In the last decade, dozens of yogurt alternatives have emerged on the market. Businesses that wish to benefit from their popularity find suppliers of dairy products who also offer plant-based alternatives. Most non-dairy yogurt products can be used as a substitute for plain yogurt. However, they often taste differently.
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    Benefits of Yogurt Alternatives

    The popularity of yogurt alternatives is not only because they are suitable for consumption by vegan clients. They also have multiple benefits.

    Pros and Cons of Yogurt Alternatives Compared to Regular Products

    Benefits of plant-based yogurt.

    1. It can be a better option for certain recipes due to its slightly sweeter taste compared to the tart flavor of plain yogurt;
    2. Plant-based yogurt products can be much more sustainable. That’s especially true for yogurt made of oat and soy;
    3. Vegan yogurt products don’t contain any lactose and they’re suitable for people suffering from lactose intolerance.

    Disadvantages of non-dairy yogurt products.

    1. They don’t contain live bacteria cultures. That means they can’t improve gut health;
    2. They have a different flavor. Dairy-free yogurt products are usually sweeter compared to regular or Greek yogurt. Therefore, they might change the final result if used in recipes;
    3. They are more expensive compared to plain yogurt. Nevertheless, this can be advantageous to businesses as it means higher profit margins;
    4. Vegan yogurt is often sweetened. Adding sugar means the product shouldn’t be consumed extensively as it can lead to weight management problems.

    How Businesses Can Benefit from Using Yogurt Alternatives

    Business owners need to constantly adapt to market changes. The non-dairy yogurt industry is certainly here to stay and companies need to use the popularity of these products to their advantage. Here are a few ways to do so.

    1. Distributors of wholesale yogurt and other dairy products should offer plant-based alternatives in their catalogs. These products are popular not only among vegan consumers but also among others who wish to try them or prefer their flavor compared to plain yogurt.
    2. The restaurant industry should include more recipes with yogurt alternatives in their menus. Their versatility as ingredients means they can be used for various recipes.
    3. Yogurt alternatives have better profit margins compared to their plain counterparts. This means businesses that sell frozen yogurt or other companies can benefit by offering goods made with dairy-free yogurt products. Furthermore, you can buy wholesale and sell at retail prices with a higher profit margin compared to regular yogurt.
    4. Using yogurt from plant-based milk can be used in a business’s marketing strategy. If shown on social media, vegan recipes or dairy-free options are likely to help the marketing efforts of the business.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Yogurt Alternatives

    Yogurt alternatives like dairy-free yogurt are still fairly unrecognized on the market. That’s why you might have questions regarding yogurt products from plant-based milk. The BlueCart shares the answers to some common questions below.

    What Are Other Popular Probiotic Yogurt Alternatives?

    In addition to yogurt other food products like sauerkraut also have probiotic properties. Here are some popular yogurt alternatives that can act as probiotics.

    1. Buttermilk. In addition to being rich in calcium and vitamins, buttermilk is also a source of good bacteria.
    2. Cottage cheese. As it’s not heated, this cheese also contains live bacteria that can improve gut health. Other cheeses can also act as probiotic yogurt alternatives. Popular options include gouda, cheddar, and edam.
    3. Miso soup. This traditional Japanese dish is also a source of good bacteria. That’s because the miso paste in it is made of fermented soybeans. 
    4. Other products that have gone through natural fermentation and contain good bacteria cultures.

    What Is Healthier than Yogurt?

    Some people consider kefir to be a healthier yogurt alternative. It is a drink that is made by fermenting milk with kefir grains. These grains contain different bacteria cultures. Thus, kefir also contains bacteria that can help the digestive tract. The main reason why kefir is considered to be healthier than yogurt is that it contains a wider variety of good bacteria. If you’re looking for yogurt alternatives, make sure you buy organic kefir with live bacteria. Alternatively, you can just buy kefir yeast and make the beverage at home. Kefir can also be used in various recipes.

    What Is the Best Substitute for Yogurt in Recipes?

    Greek yogurt is probably the easiest substitute for plain yogurt in recipes. Keep in mind that it is thicker compared to regular yogurt. Therefore, you might need smaller quantities. Depending on the recipe, other dairy ingredients can also be used as substitutes for yogurt. Sour cream is a good example of such an ingredient. If you’re looking for yogurt alternatives that are vegan, almond and soy yogurt options are recommended. Yogurt made from coconut vegan milk has a specific taste and might add a sweet flavor to the recipe.

    What Are Other High-Protein Products Besides Yogurt?

    In terms of protein content, various products can be yogurt alternatives. Meat is one of the most popular options for protein-rich food. Legumes like beans, lentils, and peas are also excellent sources of protein.

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