Spice Storage: 10 Spice Storage Ideas

Joanna Okedara
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    How long does spice last in storage? Good question! 

    If you are starting a spice business soon, then you know how important spice storage is. Spice storage makes it easy to keep bulk spices and herbs organized and ready for sale.

    Key Takeaway: As a wholesale spice business owner, it is very easy to mix up ground ginger powder with ground turmeric powder if you don’t know how to store bulk spices. Proper spice storage is important to ensure the quality and freshness of your wholesale spices.

    Just as it is crucial for spice businesses and wholesale spice suppliers to use spice business equipment for spice storage, it is also necessary that restaurant business owners learn how to organize their spice and seasoning storage. This will ensure that your restaurant kitchen is organized and not messy.

    Besides the regular spice racks and spice storage boxes, there are several ways to store spice blends. From the spice manufacturing and eCommerce packaging processes to when the spice is shipped for warehouse distribution and sold to a restaurant, there is a spice storage hack for each step.

    In this article, we’ll be looking at the best ways to store spices in the kitchen. Whether it’s spice and herb racks, spice shelves, or even spice drawers, we’ll explore various spice storage ideas and help you make the decision on where to store spices.

    Let’s get started!


    10 Spice Storage Ideas: Where to Store Bulk Spices

    Here are some creative spice storage ideas for spice businesses, catering businesses, spice wholesalers, restaurants, and wholesalers selling spices online.

    1. Use Bulk Spice Bins

    This spice storage solution is perfect for food service businesses that buy bulk spices and herbs. Bulk spice bins can store large quantities of spices and herbs and usually come in either metal or food-grade plastic spice containers.

    Some bulk spice bins come with measuring spoons or scoops. This is one feature that will come handy for any chef or bulk spice seller.

    As a tip, when using a bulk spice bin, make sure that you correctly label the containers. There are several easy-to-use, and portable shipping label printers available. You can also use sticky tape and a pen to write out the name of the spice.

    In addition to the name of the spice, it is important that you write the date you purchased or blended the spices. This will ensure that you finish using the spices before the expiration date. Remember to keep the spice bin in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight to maintain the freshness of your spices and herbs.

    1. Try Spice Jars

    Spices jars are quite popular for storing spices, especially with wholesale and retail spice businesses. Just like normal glass jars, spice jars come in different shapes and sizes and are made from glass, plastic, or metal.

    One reason spice business owners are probably in love with glass spice jars is because they are transparent and allow customers to see the color and quality of the spice inside the jar. Glass spice jars can be used again and are very easy to clean.

    Plastic spice jars are lightweight and shatterproof. They are your go-to options for spice packaging, shipping and handling restaurant spices for delivery. 

    Just like bulk spice bins, you can label your spice jars with the name of the spice jar and purchase date. So, where do you store a spice jar? Spice jars can be stored in drawers, on shelves, or even on spice racks.

    Some spice jars come with a built-in spice grinder. So, if you have whole spices, you can freshly grind them or even make your own custom blend.

    Don’t forget to keep your jars tightly sealed to prevent air from getting in and spoiling your spices and herbs. Also keep your spice jar away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight.

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    1. Install Magnetic Spice Racks

    If you are looking for a modern and more stylish way to store your spices, then magnetic spice racks will do the trick. Magnetic spice racks are made of metal and come with magnetic tins or canisters that can stick to the metal surface.

    This spice storage solution is ideal for you if you are looking to save counter space and keep your spices accessible at the same time. Magnetic spice racks are designed to fit any kitchen space. 

    You can mount the rack on your kitchen walls or attach it to the side of the refrigerator or any metal surface in your kitchen. The magnetic canisters that come with the rack can be easily labeled and removed for refilling and cleaning.

    One great thing about using a magnetic spice rack is that it adds a decorative touch to your kitchen. However, not all spice jars are magnetic. So, it is important that you check your spice containers and make sure they are compatible with the canisters before buying a magnetic spice rack.

    1. Build Spice Drawers

    Using spice drawers is another creative spice storage solution, especially for restaurant businesses. You can order a premade spice drawer online and simply install it in your kitchen drawers. Or design a custom-made one to fit the size of your kitchen.

    Any option you choose, one thing that you can be sure of is that spice drawers will help you save space and make your spices and herbs easily accessible. Another great benefit of using spice drawers is that they protect spices from light, moisture, and air. This ensures that your spices remain fresh for a long time.

    One tip for using spice drawers is to keep similar spices and herbs together. This will make them easier to find. You can label the spice jar or spice container. However, make sure the labeled side is facing outward.

    1. Add Spice Shelves

    Spice shelves are great for storing spices when you have limited counter or drawer space. Typically, spice shelves can be freestanding or mounted on the wall above a countertop or stove. They are made from wood, metal, or plastic.

    Just like magnetic spice racks, spice shelves can add a decorative touch to your kitchen. Some spice shelves come with hooks or rails for hanging kitchen utensils or towels.

    When selecting your spice shelf, consider the size of your spice jars and the amount of spices you have. Make sure the shelves are deep enough to hold your jars and keep them from falling off or tipping over.

    Height is also important when mounting your spice shelves. Mount your spice shelf at a height that you and anyone in your kitchen can reach.

    1. Get Spice Racks

    From the revolving spice rack to the wall-mounted spice rack, spice racks are a classic and convenient way to store spices in your restaurant. There are several options of spice racks available on the market.

    One popular spice rack is the revolving spice rack, which comes with a central axis that allows the rack to spin. If you have a small kitchen or just want to keep your spices within reach while cooking, then you can use the revolving spice rack.

    Wall-mounted spice racks are also popular. This type of spice storage solution can be mounted on the wall or on the inside of a cabinet door. They are great for saving space and keeping spices within reach.

    Countertop spice racks are another type of spice rack. These are a great option if you have little space in your cabinet or drawer. 

    Typically, spice racks come with multiple tiers or shelves, which allow for easy access to your herbs and spices. No matter the type of spice rack you go for, make sure you consider the size of your spice jars and containers. 

    Some spice racks are designed to hold larger or smaller spice jars, while others can hold standard sizes. Also, consider the amount of spices you’ll be storing and the available space on the spice rack.


    3 Spice Storage Hacks for Restaurants: How to Store Bulk Spices

    Now that you know where to store your spices, let’s look at some spice storage hacks for your kitchen.

    • Label and organize your spices: Labeling your spices well will save your time and efforts. Use labels to show the name of each spice and the date of purchase. You can use an alphabetical system to organize the spices or simply arrange based on frequency of use.
    • Use clear spice containers: Using clear spice containers will make it easier for you to see what’s inside the containers and find the spice you need. You can use glass or plastic containers with airtight lids.
    • Store spices away from light: Storing your spices away from light, heat, and moisture will help extend their shelf life. Light and heat can cause spices to lose their flavor and aroma, so store in a cool, dark, and dry place.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Spice Storage

    Storing spices the right way is important if you want to extend it's shelf life. Let's answer a few more questions about spice storage.

    How do you organize spices without a spice rack?

    There are several ways to organize spices without a spice rack. Some of these ways are:

    • Use a spice drawer
    • Try a magnetic spice rack
    • Install a spice shelf
    • Get a spice jar

    Is it better to store spices in glass or plastic?

    Glass is best for spice storage. Plastic storage does not provide the same type of airtight seal that glass containers offer.

    Is it OK to store spices in metal containers?

    No, it’s not. Metal containers can absorb heat, which can affect the quality and freshness of your spices and herbs.

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