How to Package Spices For Resale: 5 Spice Packaging Ideas

Joanna Okedara
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    If you are starting a spice business soon, then strategic sourcing of wholesale or bulk herbs and spices is an important part of running a successful spice business, especially if you don’t own a farm. Another integral aspect is learning how to package spices for resale.

    Key Takeaway: So, what does packaging spices for resale mean exactly? To put it simply, packaging spices for resale is when a business owner or food wholesale distributor buys spices and herbs in bulk from a spice manufacturer and then sells them under a different brand name.

    Similar to how private label brands (what is private label) reach out to manufacturers to produce goods under their brand, packaging spices for resale involves creating a unique brand and packaging for selling spices online. This allows you to differentiate your product in the market and build your own customer base.

    The process may sound tedious if you don’t know where to start. However, in this article, we’ll look at what you need to know about custom spice packaging and how to package spices for resale.


    How to Package Spices to Sell

    The process of reselling spices involves purchasing bulk quantities of herbs and spices from a wholesale spice supplier. Let’s look at how to package spices for resale. 

    1. Research the Market

    What types of spices are in high demand currently? Do your customers prefer whole spices vs ground spices? Understanding what your potential market prefers will help you determine the appropriate products to offer and the right packaging and branding strategies to use.

    Researching the market will help you develop your brand’s unique selling proposition. It will also help you position your business to maximize profits and improve customer satisfaction.

    1. Choose your Wholesale Distribution Partners

    Finding reliable spice suppliers that can supply you with high quality spices in large quantities is key to the success of your spice business. Look for wholesale businesses that offer different spices and competitive wholesale prices.

    In addition, check that your wholesale suppliers comply with food safety regulations regarding shipping and handling food products. Make sure they have the necessary wholesale licenses and permits to distribute food.

    1. Design Your Brand

    Now your wholesale spices and herbs are shipped and waiting to be delivered to you. The next step in packaging spices for resale is designing your brand identity.

    From designing your unique brand name and logo, to making sure that your eCommerce packaging aligns with your brand image, there’s a lot of things you need to do before your spices are ready for resale. 

    For one, you need to create labels and use packaging materials that will convey your desired brand image. It is also important that your brand design resonates with your target audience.

    1. Comply With Food Safety Regulations

    It is very easy to forget that you are also part of the food supply chain since you’re ‘just’ packaging spices for resale. However, as a spice reseller, retailer, or wholesale distributor, you have an important role in making sure that food safety systems and standards are adhered to.

    As a tip, try to get familiar with local regulations regarding labeling requirements for food products. Make sure your custom spice packaging follows all these guidelines. Including allergen information, ingredient lists, nutritional content, and other necessary information.

    1. Select Your Packaging Materials

    Choosing the wrong spice packaging materials will not only affect your brand image, it will also hinder the growth of your business. It is important that you select the appropriate packaging materials for spices and herbs.

    When selecting your spice packaging materials, make sure that you use packaging that can maintain the quality and freshness of your herbs and spices. Some popular spice storage and spice packaging equipment are glass jars, pouches with resealable closures, and plastic containers.

    1. Choose the Best Packaging Sizes

    Another key aspect in learning how to package spice for resale is choosing packaging sizes. Offering more than one packaging size allows you to cater to various customer preferences. 

    Consider including small sample-sized packages, standard-sized containers, and larger bulk options. Having different sizes is also great if you plan to start a spices and herbs subscription box.

    1. Ensure Proper Spice Storage

    Spice storage is important to extend the shelf life and freshness of your spices. It is critical that you provide the proper protection from moisture, air, and light, because these elements can degrade the quality of your spices over time.

    Use spice storage containers that are air-tight and oxygen absorbers. If your spices and herbs will be stored in a distributed warehousing facility for a long time, make sure you prepare adequate storage conditions as well.

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    1. Track and Put Quality Control Processes in Place

    Implementing a system that can track and label each spice batch will make quality control and traceability easier. For instance, if there was a packaging issue with one of the batches, your tracking system will help you with the product recall process.

    With quality control processes in place, you are sure that your spices will meet the desired standards. It is important to regularly check the freshness, taste, and aroma of your spices and herbs to ensure quality.

    1. Set Your Prices

    This is another important part of reselling spices. Deciding on your pricing strategy should be based on factors such as the cost of starting a spice business, the amount you spent on packaging materials, and your desired profit margins.

    You can also check what your competitors price similar products. Consider the market value   and the perceived value to set competitive prices.

    1. Choose The Right Sales Channels

    Choosing the right sales channels for selling spices online is important if your business will succeed. This could include setting up your spice website and online store, selling on social commerce platforms, and working with local farmers’ markets or food fairs.


    5 Spice Packaging Ideas

    Let’s look at some of the best spice packaging ideas for your business.

    1. Spice Tins with Clear Lids: You can use metal tins with clear lids to showcase the vibrant colors of your spices. These tins offer a sleek and modern look while allowing customers to see the contents inside. Custom labels on the tins can highlight your brand and spice information.
    2. Doypacks with Resealable Zippers: Doypacks, also known as stand-up pouches, are popular for their convenience and flexibility. You can opt for doypacks with resealable zippers to ensure the spices remain fresh after opening. Custom-printed doypacks with your branding and design can make your spice and herb products stand out on store shelves.
    3. Glass Spice Bottles with Cork Stoppers: If you are looking for a unique and elegant packaging option, then consider glass spice bottles with cork stoppers. These bottles not only preserve the freshness of the spices but also provide a vintage and artisanal look. Add custom labels or tags to the bottles to showcase your brand and spice details.
    4. Spice Grinders with Custom Labels: If you offer whole spices or spice blends that are meant to be ground fresh, consider packaging them in spice grinders. These grinders allow customers to freshly grind the spices for maximum flavor. Customize the labels on the grinders to include your branding and product information.
    5. Test Tube Spice Samplers: Create spice sampler sets using test tubes or small glass vials. Fill them with small quantities of different spices to allow customers to try a variety of flavors. Package the test tubes in a customized box or tube rack with your branding and usage instructions.

    Frequently Asked Questions About How to Package Spices for Resale

    Packaging spices for resale is another way to make money from wholesale spices business. You just need to find a reliable wholesale spices distributor and get the right packaging materials. Let's answer a few popular questions about how to package spices for resale.

    What is the best package for spices?

    The best package for spices is resealable food packages and spice containers.

    How do you package spices for shipping?

    You can package spices for shipping through the following ways:

    • Pack the spices in their original packaging if possible
    • Place the bags inside a plastic box or food container
    • Put the plastic container inside a cardboard box and fill the voids with cushioning materials
    • Close and seal the cardboard box with adhesive tape

    Why is packaging important in spices?

    Packaging is important in spices because it ensures that the spices do not go bad. The right packaging and spice storage materials will prolong the shelf life and quality of the spices and herbs.

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