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Deciding to Adopt a Wholesale B2B eCommerce Solution

Rianna Greenfield
Friday, April 12, 2019
Table of Contents

The wholesale foodservice distribution industry is changing. You have probably noticed that your customers want to use mobile and online ordering systems and that more and more of your competitors are adopting these technologies.

The question to ask yourself isn’t if you should implement a B2B eCommerce solution, but when you should. Here are some considerations to help you decide on when and how to implement a mobile and online ordering system:

  • What negative effects you may see if you wait too long to begin using an eCommerce platform
  • What features and functionalities are the most beneficial for your company
  • Which kind of solution is best for your company (building, buying, or subscribing)

Remember, many of your competitors have already started using mobile and online ordering solutions, and they’re seeing amazing results. Download our free eBook, Wholesale B2B eCommerce: Decision Guide, to learn more about how a mobile and online ordering system can help you compete in the changing industry.

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