Bakery Design: 5 Tips to Make Your Bakery Design Unique

Joanna Okedara
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    Starting a bakery business is a profitable and alluring business venture. If you are a new business owner in the restaurant industry, successfully opening a bakery business depends on a number of factors.

    Your choice of desserts and baked goods to sell can greatly determine how well your bakery business thrives in the competitive landscape of the food and beverage industry. However, building a unique bakery business starts with your bakery design. 

    Key Takeaway - Designing a bakery requires careful consideration and creativity. The entire bakery business plan and concept must be properly envisaged in your bakery layout and interior designs. Additionally, your bakery logo design must reflect your brand image and concept.

    When choosing a bakery design, consider how you want your brick-and-mortar bakery shop to look, from the colors and themes to the bakery layout, lighting, and general ambiance. You’ll also want to consider your bakery technology, online presence, bakery website design, and online brand image.

    In this article, we’ll review the best bakery design ideas for your bakery business. We’ll also look at some tips to make your bakery unique.


    How to Design a Bakery: 5 Tips to Make Your Bakery Unique

    Whether you are new to the bakery industry or contemplating re-designing your bakery shop, your bakery design can make your bakery business unique. In the food and beverage industry, ‘looks do matter’. The layout, infrastructure, and interior design of your bakery play a huge role in attracting customers in your niche market.

    It is important to have an eCommerce marketing strategy and the best social media marketing for restaurants and bakeries in place. However, it is equally necessary to invest in the simple details such as your bakery interior design and layout.

    So, how do you make your bakery unique? Let’s find out.

    1. Choose the Right Colors

    Color is an important aspect of your bakery business. According to a report, 60% of customers decide if they are attracted to a piece of information based on the color alone. Color has the power to reinforce brand recognition by 80%.

    Branding experts believe that different colors have a different impact on consumer behavior. For instance, warm colors like red, yellow, and orange are associated with passion, creativity, and energy

    Let’s look at some examples of how color can impact consumer behavior:

    • Orange and yellow usually make people feel hungry and red is associated with emotion. Now mix these colors and you get customers that feel passionately hungry when they interact with your bakery design online or in-store. 

    Brand Examples: KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and Coca-Cola.

    • Cold colors like green and other earthy colors are associated with nature. Food businesses use the colors to evoke the feeling of eco-friendly, organic, and healthy food in customers. If you are looking to attract customers who are conscious about what they eat and healthy living, you may want to consider these colors.

    Brand Examples: Starbucks

    • Blue is generally associated with depth and stability. While it does not make people feel hungry when they see the color, it can evoke a feeling of peace and trust. Brands that use the color blue are usually in the tech and finance industries.

    This does not mean that food businesses cannot use it. Blue is used to suppress appetite in weight loss programs. You’d probably not want to use it if you are looking to increase sales. However, the color blue is great for beverage businesses and brands. Bright blue colors can also be used to attract candy-loving customers. 

    Brand Examples: Oreo 

    • Purple symbolizes luxury, glamour, power, nobility, and romance. The color is associated with stimulating feelings of creativity and indulgence. If you want your bakery business to come across to your customers as expensive and luxurious, then purple is your go-to color.

    Brand Examples: Taco Bell, Wonka.

    • Black is associated with elegance, luxury, and sophistication. The color is bold, stylish, and powerful. While black is not a go-to color for food brands, it can be a great secondary color for elements of your bakery design and for food packaging. Black is also associated with alcohol and beverage drinks with caffeine. If you are looking to sell a bitter or rum flavor, then try black.

    Brand Examples: Nescafe, BrookFarm.

    • Brown depicts nature, earth, support, the outdoors, and simplicity. The brown color, like green, is used to evoke the idea that your brand sells natural and organic food. Brown can also stimulate the appetite.

    Brand Examples: Gloria Jean’s Coffees, M&M’s

    • White is associated with cleanliness, freshness, safety, and simplicity. When used as wholesale food packaging color, white can give the impression of the product being fresh and organic. If you are looking for sophistication in a minimalist style, then white is the color for you.

    Brand Examples: Chobani

    Brand Examples: Kellogg’s, Food panda


    While colors may seem irrelevant to your bakery business, they determine the way your customers will interact with your brand. Choosing the wrong color palette for your bakery designs and layouts will tremendously affect your sales and marketing efforts.

    1. Show Off Your Interiors

    From ceiling designs and tiles to sideboards and wall decorations, it is important to create the perfect interior design for your bakery. There are various themes to choose from for your bakery business. However, go for a theme that suits your bakery concept and budget.

    It is crucial that every part of your interiors match and complement each other. This is why it is necessary to have a design concept or central theme before starting the design process.

    You can add a touch of vintage elements to give your customers the feeling of nostalgia. Vintage pieces like chairs, tables, antique mirrors, old restroom signs, and vintage display pans are a nice mix for the vintage theme.

    Bear in mind that when designing a bakery, your target audience should be considered. For example, a younger demographic will appreciate a more contemporary and modern vibe. While an older generation will enjoy the ensemble of classic interiors.

    If you specialize in a specific baked item such as wedding cakes, then your entire interior décor should have a more elegant, bridal feel. For bread, you can use a minimalist style.

    1. Provide a Spectacular View of Your Products

    Besides having a great color scheme and interior design layout, it is important that your customers can see your baked goods. From cakes and croissants to different types of ice cream and sweets, bakery products are very visually appealing - use this to your advantage.

    Display cases are not just like every other essential bakery equipment. They are a crucial element of your bakery design. Usually, your display case is the focal point of your bakery. So, make sure it gives the wow effect at first glance.

    You can use brightly lit double-tiered display cases with clear labels. This will make it easier for customers to see what dessert you have and have a ‘pick me’ sensation. You can even post the images of your display case on social media to attract customers.

    1. Invest in Lighting Fixtures

    In a bakery business looks matter a lot. With your colors and interior décor in top-notch form, the next thing you want to do is invest in bakery design and lighting fixtures. 

    Lighting can change the décor and ambiance of your bakery from looking gloomy and boring to looking cheerful and fun. As a tip, use lighting fixtures that fit the general theme of your bakery.

    For instance, if you are going for a vintage look, you can use ornamented candle holders with sophisticated chandeliers. Along with other design elements, using the right lighting fixtures will make your bakery a place where customers want to be.

    1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Decorations

    Decorations are usually tiny elements of your bakery design. However, when used right, it can leave a lasting impression in the hearts of your customers. 

    You can invest in wall paintings that fit your general theme and colors, pictures of your bakery’s history. Try decorating with light fixtures and other art elements.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Bakery Design

    Designing a bakery is an important part of attracting customers and promoting your bakery business. Let’s answer some questions about bakery designs.

    How Can I Make My Bakery More Attractive?

    There are various ways to make your bakery more attractive to customers. Besides changing your interior bakery design, here are some other ways to make your bakery more attractive:

    What is a Concept of a Bakery?

    A bakery is a food-based establishment in the restaurant industry that produces and sells baked goods item such as cakes, bread, ice-cream, and pastries. The concept of a bakery explains the focus of a bakery business and what the bakery will produce and sell.

    What are the Types of Bakery Products?

    The following are the seven types of bakery products:

    1. Bread
    2. Rolls
    3. Pies
    4. Pastries
    5. Cookies
    6. Muffins
    7. Bun

    Get on With That Design

    Designing a bakery can make the difference between running a successful bakery business and losing customers from the first visit. When choosing your bakery design, remember to draw out the entire plan for each section of your bakery.

    Select a color theme and interior style that will resonate with your target audience. Together with great baked goods and wholesale marketing strategies, your bakery design will set you apart from competitors in the industry.

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